10 Tips On How To Go Braless This Summer

There are plenty of good things about bras, but to be honest, they mostly just suck – especially in the summer. Sure, they support your breasts, but in the hot weather they also lead to chafing, boob sweat, and a general feeling of discomfort. The only thing worse than feeling sweaty pads against your girls is putting on an adorable backless or cut-out top… only to have it ruined by your visible bra. Most summer tops aren’t made for bras (which is a conversation in itself), and going braless sometimes seems like the best option. For girls with smaller boobs, this is feasible. For girls with larger breasts, it seems impossible. But trust me, it’s not. These tips on how to go braless will change your mind and your summer outfits.

Of course you wouldn’t go braless for a job interview, meeting bae’s parents for the first time, or any other occasion where you’d have to be seen as “professional.” Going braless is for keeping it casual, looking free spirited af, and for an added sexy secret. Everything that summer stands for! So yeah, everything you thought was cute but didn’t buy because you can’t NOT wear a bra? Go back and get it, girl. Honestly, I tried to come up with a style haul and I learned that any look can be braless if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself, truly (unless the circumstance makes it inappropriate to be braless to begin with).

I understand the apprehension to go braless due to fear: people seeing your nipples, it being too obvious, god forbid it rains when you’re out. Yikes. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Going braless is going to be your new favorite summer trend and I’m here to help you love it. These are some ways to go braless this summer that’ll keep you feeling confident and cute.

Do you plan on going braless this summer? Are you going to try it for the first time? Tell us about it in the comments!

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