30 Funny Tumblr Posts That Describe You If You Love Spending Money

There are some people in this world who are great with money. They save responsibly, they spend only when necessary, and they splurge only if they actually have the money to do so. I am not one of those people. I love spending money, and I have an admittedly immature attitude towards it: you can spend it, but you can always make more. Is this slightly privileged and unrealistic? It is, but it’s my biggest weakness and my worst habit and I feel really vulnerable admitting it to you guys so LET ME LIVE.

Or don’t, actually, because my love of spending money is not healthy. My closet and drawers are stuffed with items that still have tags because I don’t have time to wear/use everything I buy. There have been an embarrassing amount of times I’ve bought something, then never used it, ever, because it was purchased on a whim. I have maxed out credit cards, been accused of a shopping addiction from my family and therapist, drained my bank account, and made stupid purchases. I need to chill, but at least I can take comfort in knowing there are others like me. And if you, too, like spending money, then you’ll love these hilarious Tumblr posts about money.

Is a shopping addiction or a terrible spending habit something to laugh at? No, but… it’s fine. Let’s all agree to save a little bit more, spend a little bit less, and be more serious about our bank accounts and pay checks. Until that happens, let’s laugh at these Tumblr posts about spending money together, okay? Who knows, they just might open your eyes!

1. When you pledge to be better but then something important comes up:



2. Because money is what you value over almost anything:



3. You know life would be better this way:



4. When you’re broke but still spending money:



5. When you buy all of the things but you still don’t know where your money went:



6. When you get stressed over a small amount of money but not a lot of it:



7. When you actually have some money together:



8. This is why you get the blues:



9. When you get so desperate you consider online scamming:



10. What it’s like to ask your parents for money:



11. That moment you’re convinced someone must have stolen your card:



12. Your ultimate goal is:



13. The best feeling ever:



14. When you only accept money as apologies:



15. Because money is your first priority:



16. It is your one true love:



17. There are two versions of you:



18. Money is literally the only thing you can focus on:



19. The one thing that can make everything better:



20. When your bank account shuts you down:



21. This is how you feel every day:



22. Your face when you go to the bank:



23. It’s just what you really want:



24. When you can’t spend money but you do:



25. Your inner monologue:



26. When you get desperate:



27. You spend money on everything like:



28. You trying to explain your spending habit:



29. An actual gif of you:



30. Exactly.


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? How do you feel about spending money? Let me know in the comments.

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