15 Perfect Graduation Gifts For Your Best Friend She’ll Actually Love

Can someone please tell me why buying gifts for your best friend is the hardest thing in the world? You all know each other better than anyone else, so why is it so difficult to know what they want as a present? If one of your besties is graduating this month, then you’re probably facing this dilemma right now. Picking out the perfect graduation gift for your best friend can be really tough. Grad gifts tend to be cliche and a little bit boring, and there’s also so much to say! You want to show her how much you love her, express how much you want to stay friends, and just make her smile. The key to a good BFF gift is that it speaks to your friendship and isn’t done to death. And that can be hard to find!

For what it’s worth, most of you are probably going to get nice sized checks from your relatives for graduation and maybe very few gifts – totally expected. But, graduation is a big occasion and while money is always the Best Gift Ever, you’re going to low-key miss the excitement of opening up a wrapped gift. So, treat your bestie with some personalized goods. Chances are you won’t be going to the same school, and visiting and keeping in touch is going to wind up being tricky anyway. Give her something to keep in her room or something that’s super helpful so she’ll think of you when she uses it. It’ll make the distance more bearable and keep you connected no matter what. These 15 grad gifts are guaranteed to be a hit with your bestie (and can all be purchased online, girl!)

1) A stylish laptop sleeve.


No one wants their brand new shiny laptop to get scratched up in their bag. Really cute laptop sleeves are actually super affordable and are the perfect gift for any new grad.

Buy it at BestBuy for $9.99.


2) Show love for your shared hometown with this wall art.


Bless Etsy for all of their customizable gift options. Choose the color, your state, and add a heart dot over your hometown for a nice touch. Also, these prints are of higher quality paper, so your bff is bound to look and feel grown af not having cheap poster paper on her wall. If you want to step your gift game with a frame, you do you.

Buy it on Etsy for $19.


3) A wall tapestry in her favorite color.


Pro tip: make sure it matches her room decor in advance. Tapestries have been a dorm room staple probably since they invented dorm rooms. No one knows why, but no one’s mad at it either. You can be as classic or boho with it as you want – it’s all in how you hang it.

Buy it from The Elephant Pants for $25




Yes, the caps lock was necessary. Why? PENS THAT SAY “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY,” THAT’S WHY. Let your bestie show her classmates what a boss bitch she is by rolling up to class stocked with feminist swag.

Buy them from Get Bullish for $5.75.


5) A classic, cute mug.


Real talk, you can never have too many coffee or tea mugs. Make it part of the packaging and throw some wrapped candy, nail polish, or other small goodies inside. You’re all not going to be living at home anymore, so you’re going to need some personal stock of basic home supplies you might not have already.

Buy it on Etsy for $16.


6) An adorbs best friends key ring.


For her dorm keys! A lot of you might not have one for your house. Having a cute, small, separate key ring for all things college is going to be a hit, especially when they come with one for you and one for her.

Buy them on Etsy for $17.99.


7) A unique typewriter key monogram ring.


Having something monogrammed is always a nice touch, but it looks extra stylish when it’s an antique typewriter key. Bonus if your bestie is literary or is majoring in a field that has her writing a lot.

Buy it on Etsy for $15.


8) Matching charm necklaces.


I like these ones because they’re pineapples. Keep it simple and sweet with a small charm and a small initial. The gold finish makes it classic and the pineapples keep it fun.

Buy them on Etsy for $36.


9) The classic framed photo of you two.


You can’t go wrong with a framed bestie photo. Add a DIY touch by painting your new locations on the corners.



10) A chic iRoller to keep her laptop and iPad looking brand new.


Smudgy screens suck and we all lose that little cloth we get when we get our devices. Give her something to keep her tech looking fresh and clean no matter what.

Buy it on The Grommet for $20.


11) Lap desks are always a hit.


Your school will supply you with a desk. Spoilers: you will use it for storage and write from bed more often than not. Everyone needs a good lap desk. They keep your laptop level and your lap cozy at the same time. They even come in cute colors and are usually relatively cheap.

Buy this one from Home Depot for $18.44.


12) A fancy water bottle.


I have one of these and I’m obsessed with it. Give your bff a versatile water bottle that can keep cold things cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. I’m not kidding. They come in all different colors and you can write on them with chalk pen. Washable, reusable, cute, and extra fancy. She’s going to get some serious use out of this.

Buy it from S’well for $35.


13) All of the quarters.


DIY some candy rolled stacks of quarters to be the coolest person in the laundry room. Most dorm laundry facilities require you to have quarters to use the machines. Very few people carry cash anymore, so unless you show up on the first day with rolls of quarters, you’re screwed. Thank god there’s you, bestie, you got her covered.

The tutorial can be found on Martha Stewart.


14) Cozy cute yoga pants.


Dressing up for class isn’t a thing anymore, but you still want to look cute. Solution: yoga pants! You don’t have to drop Ivy Park money to get some seriously great leggings. They’re going to become hers and your new favorite wardrobe staple very quickly.

Buy them at The Elephant Pants for $21.


15) A mermaid blanket!


Mermaid life forever. Who wouldn’t want one? Amy Schumer has one. Princess Ariel was born with one. Your best life is somewhere between Amy Schumer and Princess Ariel. Gift accordingly. Duh.

Buy it on Sammy Dress for $22.16.

What’s the best/worst graduation gift you’ve ever received? What would you love to get for graduation that we didn’t think of? Let us know in the comments!

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