7 Weird Sex Myths You Probably Believe That Aren’t True

I love a good myth. Whether they’re Greek (Petty gods! Urns! The weirdly ubiquitous presence of incest that’s meant to be accepted as being totally normal!) or urban (so many stories about horses and dogs!), I just can’t get enough. There is something so specifically satisfying about reading or hearing a story that you know isn’t true, but, strongly suspect could be, you know? They have just enough truth to make them believable and just enough fabrication to make them deeply and truly interesting. You know what kind of myths are not so entertaining, though? Ones about sex.

Whether these myths arose out of wildly inadequate sex ed in most public school systems or just some overactive  imaginations is unclear (a combination of the two, I’d wager), but what is clear is that a ton of people believe them for no discernible reason. Including you. Potentially. Check out these weird sex myths you probably believe, but definitely shouldn’t:

Bigger Penis = Better Sex

Most people have been taught to think that "bigger is better" when it comes to penises. In reality? That's so not true. Your g-spot is located about two inches inside your vagina, which means that a big penis can totally miss it during sex. So, a penis that's on the smaller side is actually probably more preferable than a massive one.

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Size Is The Most Important Part Of Sex

While bigger is decidedly not better, you shouldn't put an embargo on a penis of any size. In all of the studies done on how penis size relates to sexual satisfaction, the findings overwhelmingly show that, while some people might have some gripes over their partner's penis size, other factors, like psychological connection, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction are more important than size.

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Eating Certain Foods Will Totally Get You ~In The Mood~

Certain foods like dark chocolate and oysters are often purported to be aphrodisiacs, aka a type food that stimulates sexual desire. The idea, basically, is that eating lots of aphrodisiac food will make you feel sexy before you start taking off your clothes, and thus, turn you into a freaque in the bedroom. In reality? Not so much. There has never actually been a direct scientific link between eating food and experiencing sexual pleasure/freakiness. BUT.  While eating certain foods obviously won't stimulate your sexual organs, there have been studies that show the act of eating itself is often linked with sex in the brain, which means that eating, according to WebMD, can "stimulate desire in the body." So, technically, pretty much any kind of food is an aphrodisiac. So, eat up!

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You Can't Get Pregnant If You Have Sex On Your Period

It seems like every girl has this pseudo fact--that you absolutely cannot get pregnant while you're menstruating--in her head without knowing the source. Sorry! It's not true. While your eggs can't actually be fertilized while you're on your period, sperm can stay alive inside you for up to five days after ejaculation. So, if you start to ovulate while the sperm is still inside you, this could result in pregnancy. Is this likely? No. Still, even if you're having period sex, you should always use protection just as, like, a general rule.

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Guys Can't Have More Than One Orgasm

All guys, according to popular lore, are totally useless after they orgasm. They fall asleep, snore, and start drooling all over your pillow case before you can say, "wait, but I didn't..." For some guys? Yeah. It's pretty one-and-done. This isn't a definitive rule, however--while there's obviously a, um, reloading process that has to happen after a guy has an orgasm, some guys (about twelve percent) can do it faster than others and have more orgasms. There are also ways to increase penis productivity (hehe) all on your own--there are breath control and Tantric techniques that can help guys get multiple orgasms in one go.

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Squirting Isn't Real

It's hard to find a component of female sexuality that is quite as embattled as the act of female ejaculation, aka "squirting." Some people say that it's a myth, others say that it's real but only six percent of women experience them, and, fun fact, its depiction is actually totally banned in all British pornography for being "obscene.">But what is the truth? Well, first of all, squirting is totally real. Squirting is a form of orgasm that's most typically associated with the G-spot and bladder, and involves a spurt of liquid coming out of the urethra upon orgasm. Depending on which study you read, either six percent or thirty five to fifty percent of women are squirters. Basically, it's complicated. You can read more about it here

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Squirting Is A Mysterious And Unknown Fluid That The Female Body Creates Spontaneously

So, squirting is real. But, uh, what is it, exactly? There are a lot of misconceptions about female ejaculation is made up of. But, in most cases, squirting is literally just pee. In a few small studies on women and squirting done over the past few years, most of them showed that there is no difference between urine and female ejaculate. BUT. There have been a few cases in which women do produce a milky white ejaculate, not unlike sperm, upon orgasm.  This ejaculate showed prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) that isn't present in urine, which means that it can't be the same thing. Science!

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Did you believe any of these myths? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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