7 Times You Definitely Shouldn’t Wear A Thong

Thongs are sexy, youthful, and panty-line free, but, unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. There are actually a bunch of times when you shouldn’t wear a thong! A healthy vagina has a balanced Ph level 3.5-4.5 which keeps it at just the right amount of good bacteria/bad bacteria – and sometimes thongs can disrupt this balance. Why? The narrow shape of a thong makes it more apt to move around during the day, and the placement doesn’t help. It’s basically a one way ticket for bad bacteria from your butt to transfer to your vagina, where you don’t want it to be. Besides that, most of these sexy undies aren’t made of cotton and are therefore less breathable. All of this combined pushes bacteria into your vagina, leaving you with the possibility of infection. #NoThanks.

We are under a lot of societal pressure to always look “sexy” and to never have something like *gasp* a panty line.  In reality, though, it’s just not healthy to wear thongs every day. To put it in perspective, remember that most of our mothers and grandmothers never wore thongs, and they somehow survived. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon. There are some instances where you definitely want to throw on a barely-there panty (like when you’re wearing a silk dress on your red carpet debut, obviously), but if you’re doing something like hitting the gym, you can deal with some cotton briefs. If someone notices that you have an underwear line in your workout pants, they can get over it.

Jill Rabin, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine in New Hyde Park, New York shared her thoughts on thongs in this Cosmopolitan article. Here are the times you should probably put the thong back in the drawer and grab a brief instead:

You're Wearing Pads

Admit it - you've tried putting pads on your thongs during your period or when you're spotting. The pad always ends up moving around and never quite sits right. This isn't only uncomfortable, it's also unhealthy. You might not realize it, but it's just causing bacteria to get all up in your lady parts. Pads and thongs are not a good combination!

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When You're Sick

When you're under the weather, your immune system is seriously compromised. You're less likely to be able to fight off bacterial infections. Help your lady parts out by putting on underwear that will be the most protective of it. Also, don't you want to be more comfortable when you're sick, anyways? I do! Bring on the granny panties!

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You've Been Wearing Lots Of Silk

Silk traps moisture, allowing bacteria to grow like a petri dish. Also, the lace on thongs can rub against your skin and cause irritation, making yourself susceptible to infection. Some doctors have even noticed skin tags in the butt area where thongs have rubbed the skin. It's best to vary it up!

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When You're Working Out

The combination of sweat, heat, and body movements can create the perfect storm for disrupting your vaginal Ph. It's especially dicey if you're going to stay in your spandex for a while after you finish your workout. (We've all been guilty of that.) Instead of breaking a sweat in a barely-there thong, pick a breathable cotton fuller panty. It will be more comfortable and also more protective.

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You're Wearing A Short Skirt or Dress

A short skirt and a thong is definitely a sexy combo. Besides the fact that it might be asking for a wardrobe malfunction you'd rather avoid, it's not the healthiest idea. Wearing such a tiny piece of fabric when your vag is already more exposed than usual makes your vagina a little too susceptible to the elements. The bacteria on public seating areas, chairs at school, and other areas shouldn't be that close to your lady parts. Plus, if you accidentally flash someone, you might be grateful to have a little more coverage.

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You're Having Poop Problems

It happens to all of us - maybe your stomach is upset, you suffer from IBS, or you've taken a trip to Diarrhea Town. Poop can get on the part of your underwear that is wedged up right in between your cheeks (It's bound to happen!). Unfortunately, that fecal matter can travel to your vaginal region as your thong moves around during the day. If you're having any sort of tummy issues, it's best to opt for underwear that isn't quite so intrusive.

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You Tend To Get A Lot Of Infections

Sometimes you're plagued with odors, weird discharge, and uncomfortable infections. In this case, it's best to be proactive and pick the most breathable, comfortable underwear you can find. It's better to take care of yourself than to avoid a panty-line!

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Do you always wear a thong, or do you switch it up with briefs? Let me know in the comments below!

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