18 Of The Best Reactions To Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston’s Kissing Pictures

What happens when two human memes love each other very much? A beautiful thing–between the two of them, they make more memes. Take, for example, the case of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. On the early evening of June 15, 2015, news broke that the singer and actor, both known for their rabid internet-based fandoms, had been spotted kissing on a beach in Rhode Island. This union used the internet to erupt into a fervor of “Hiddleswift”-themed memes and reactions, not unlike when Hillary Rodham Clinton told Donald Trump to “delete [his] account” last week.

I, for one, am just happy that Taylor Swift is being messy again. Truly! We’ve endured nearly a year of mostly drama-free Taylor (some Kanye West beef aside), but it is the rocky shores of Rhode Island where Taylor seems to really find her truest, most mess-filled self, like when she spent over $17 million on a beach house so she could cosplay as a Kennedy.  Of course, I do wonder how Tumblr will sustain its inevitable increase in traffic and content–because, as everyone knows, Avengers Tumblr and Taylor Swift Tumblr are some of the most prominent factions on that website–but no matter. I am here to post them. So, check out these perfect internet reactions to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston makin’ out on some rocks:

1. In the beginning…


2. This was, overwhelmingly, the reaction many people seemed to have:


3. And this:


4. Some wondered why film stills from the new alien movie was trending:

5. While others refused to even consider the idea:


6. Is there really a correct reaction here, though?

7. The most passionate members of the fandoms, of course, were a little more forgiving:



8. But who will speak for Calvin?


9. Find the lie here, as they say:


10. Again–find the lie:



11. This new fling? Why, it was foretold long ago:


12. “Walk on some rocks this summer!”


13. Too real?


14. Seems reasonable, tbh:


15. Heh:


16. Taylor, as we all know, is not one to respect the expected selfie interlude in new relationships:


17. It’s true!


18. Well, yeah:

What do you think of the tweet? Which of these reactions was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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