7 Things You Actually Clean Way Too Much

I’ve never been a neat freak and I never will be. My room is organized chaos, I haven’t washed my hair in a few days, and my laundry is definitely past do for a go in the washer machine. Sometimes, this state of messy disarray can be maddening, to the point in which I’m finally full of enough shame from this Shower-Every-Day-Hand-Sanitizer-Forever culture we live in and I give my hair a needed deep clean and my bra a good scrub. D’you guys know how dirty bras get? Yeah, it’s shockingly gross. But usually, I can revel in my own mess without a care, and I can skip a showering for the day without smelling like a pile of garbage.

While I can definitely afford to be tidier, I can’t help but feel safer in my filth every time I stumble across a new study or research that validates my not-so-sparkling lifestyle. Yes, there’s proof that we can be a little too obsessed with cleanliness. And guess what? You might just be a perfect example of someone who is clean to a fault. To find out, check out this list of seven things you probably clean way too much and why you should stop. From your body to your wardrobe, find out what you’re actually a little too anal about.

Your Jeans

Please, stop torturing your jeans! If you wash them super often, your jeans will lose their shape, their color, and their strength (fabric isn't steel). A few years ago, the brand director of legendary denim company, Levis Strauss, revealed that he only washed his jeans every six months. Now, you don't have to wait that long, especially since anyone with a vagina knows how suspect our skinny jeans can get after a few wears...let's be real. So, what should you do? Give 'em a wash when they start getting grimy or after five to six wears. Don't use hot water or too much heat. Let them air dry or tumble dry on low. You could even throw them in the freezer for a day or two (yes the freezer) and they'll come out smellin' a little better. Just don't wash jeans after only one wash unless you really need to.


Your Body

If you're embarrassed about the fact that you don't shower every day, don't be, because you're better off than the people who shower every day. Bathing every day isn't necessary for a few reasons, biggest of which is that you really don't get that dirty unless you're exercising every single day. Plus, dermatologists say that too much hot water and harsh body washes dry out your skin, leaving it scaled and even flakey. Skipping a shower doesn't make you unhygienic, it makes you human...a human with better skin who helps save water. Congrats.Congrats.

Mommie Dearest

Your Hair

Over the past few years there's been a vocal movement of sorts in the beauty world, advocating that y'all put down the damn shampoo. At least, put it down for a few days, or even longer. Most shampoos contain stripping agents that clean your hair but also deplete it of its natural oils. So, your hair is clean, but it's also brittle, dry, and just not that great to the touch. Even sulfate-free shampoos, which are more gentle on your hair, can leave your hair feeling wiry. Don't feel the pressure to slather your hair in shampoo every time you're in the shower.

If you're someone who says, "I need to shampoo as often as possible, my hair is so oily!" then think of it this way: Your hair might be super oily because you keep stripping it of oil, which makes your scalp work harder to replenish the oils. The same thing happens with oily skin when it is deprived of moisture. So, please, go easy on the shampoo.

Easy A

Your Pores

Yes, you need to wash your face every day with gentle cleansers. What you don't need to do is try to extract your pores every single time you do it. This is important for my fellow oily skinned girls with massive pores and blackheads to know. Don't smother your face in chemical exfoliants, scrubs, and masks every single night just to make your pores a little "cleaner." You might just be irritating them instead, which can cause more oiliness, more blemishes, and more skin-related angst. Chill and use the heavy duty stuff every few days, and be careful with chemical exfoliants.

Your Hands

I'm not saying to stop washing your hands; I refuse to be responsible for the next plague. What I am saying is that if you rely on anti-bacterial soap or anti-bacterial hand sanitizer to feel extra clean, you're screwed. The fact is that some bacteria is good, and if not good, it's mostly harmless. It's even not the end of the world to come into contact with not-so-good bacteria regularly, so that our immune systems can help build up a resistance against 'em. But anti-bacterial soaps and gels kill all bacteria, good and bad, and using them too often can lead to your body becoming more susceptible to infections over time. Yes, wash your hands after you use the bathroom and before you eat; consider sanitizing your phone, while you're at it (it's a bacteria breeding ground). But you really aren't going to die if you touch something in public without sanitizing right after.


Your Vag

By now you should know that your vag is self-cleaning, meaning it gets rid of all the bad stuff via vagina discharge (an uncomfortable necessity). But it's not like you should ignore your vag entirely when you shower, you just shouldn't be putting soap up your vag, or douching, or relying too much on feminine hygiene sprays, powders, wipes, etc. Just use a little bit of mild soap around the perimeter of your vag and around the labia. Dry off completely before putting on clothes to prevent the build up of bad bacteria. Voila, you and your vag are set.


Your Skirts And Shorts

Frankly, these items just don't get as dirty, bacteria laden, or smelly as, say, your undies, your workout clothes, or your t-shirts. Be selective with your laundry. Is that skirt really dirty? Is it worth weakening the fabric or fading the color just because you wore it once? Give these items a few wears before throwing it in the laundry basket, trust...nobody will notice.


Which of these things do you, admittedly, wash too much? What don’t you wash enough? Tell us in the comments!

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