Quiz: Are Your PMS Symptoms Normal?

What’s one of the only things worse than getting your period? The awful PMS symptoms beforehand. Premenstrual syndrome, aka PMS, is experienced by 85 percent of women and is caused by changes in hormones in the days leading up to your monthly period. The strange thing about PMS is that it affects each person differently. Some people have very mild PMS symptoms, and some people are in so much pain that all the can do is lay in bed and watch Gossip Girl reruns (that person is me). But how do you know if your PMS symptoms are normal or something you should worry about?


It’s important to keep track of your PMS in case anything gets a little weird. Some gynecologists will have you keep a journal to write down your symptoms so that they can take the necessary steps to treating your PMS if need be. Even so, it can be hard to figure out where the line is. How bad can cramps really get before it means that something else could be going on? Is it okay to get migraines every single time your period comes around? What about mood swings – is it normal to feel seriously depressed? What’s weird and what isn’t!? Okay, calm down. Take this quiz to find out if your PMS symptoms are normal, or if you should consider seeing a doctor.

How are your PMS symptoms? What was your result of the quiz? Tell us in the comments below!

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