14 Cliche Photos You’ll See On Everyone’s Instagram This Summer

The start date of summer vacation varies in high schools across the country, but the first official day of the season is Monday, June 20. Summer brings a lot of exciting things: school is out, the sun is out, and your crew is up for anything. In summer, no one is too old to eat a popsicle or run through a sprinkler. Hot days spent by the pool and cool nights spend by the bonfire with your friends blow days spent in study hall and nights spent doing homework out of the water. After all, the old saying goes summertime, and the living is easy.

With all of the opportunities you have to have a good time during the summer, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to document them. Every #summerdaze activity will be flaunted on Instagram for the next three months, complete with sand, sun, and swimsuits. Be prepared to see the same images in your feed all season—and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! These cliche summer photos might be a little boring, but let’s be real: you’re still going to look at them, and probably even like them. Let’s admit they’re cliche, embrace it, and laugh at ourselves a bit. Which ones are you going to post?

1. Feet in the sand

Whether you traveled three blocks or three hours, your first beach trip of the summer is going all over social media. Pro tip: the Mayfair filter will make the water look bluer and you look tanner (without the UV damage!).

2. First sunburn of the season

What happens when you take a cat nap on the beach #burnt #firstsunburn

A photo posted by Bella Camara (@bellabee711) on

If you forgot sunscreen on that beach trip of yours, you’ll have some lobster-like tan lines for all of your friends to laugh at. Getting a sick tan is not worth the skin cancer or wrinkles down the line. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

3. The crop top #ootd

From my photoshoot the other day #photoshoot #model #sunny #summertime #croptop #sunhat #fun #somanyhashtags #nofilter

A photo posted by Jordyn Leigh (@lovejordynleigh) on

The crop top trend is still going full throttle, and it’s finally warm enough to wear them outside without hiding your stomach with a jacket—after all, the whole point of a crop top is to show your stomach. Combine a crop top with summer trends like fringe, lace, and fruit patterns with high waisted shorts.

4. New bikini shopping spree

Whether you hit up the mall, Target, or your older sister’s closet (my personal fav) getting a new swimsuit is an occasion worth Instagramming. No need for posing in mirror photos, just lay it out on your bed for its own close-up.

5. BBQ time

From vegetarian skewers to burgers and brats, grilling is a time-honored tradition of summer. Throw in some potato salad, fruit salad, and jello salad for a truly American shindig.

6. Picnic in the park

A picnic is not the same as a BBQ. A picnic involves blankets on the ground, homemade sandwiches, and trying but inevitably failing to keep all the ants away. Take a photo before the bugs are all over your Twinkies.

7. Bonfire night

Fire time #summer2016 #bonfirenight #cookout #goodtimes

A photo posted by Jessica DeLaMater, RN (@jmdelamater) on

Even summer nights get chilly, so sitting by a bonfire is the perfect way to stay warm. Your hair will smell like smoke for days, but the flames provides a perfect backdrop for photos with your friends.

8. S’mores

You can’t have a bonfire without making s’mores! Don’t drop your marshmallow into the fire.

9. Outdoor concert

One of the best parts of summer is being outside all the time; one of the best parts of being outside all the time is seeing live music outside. You feel freer at an outdoor concert. No one is judging the way you dance outside!

10. Summer vacation

Bye fire island! Let's play again soon! #summervacay #thanksmatt

A photo posted by Courtney Duffey (@courtneyjaneduffey) on

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, your friends will know you went there—and you’ll make it the picture perfect trip, thanks to Instagram. Don’t post the photo of your mosquito bites or the sandals you broke.

11. Summer reading

While you’re on that summer vacation, catch up on your summer reading list. Whether you’re into easy breezy beach reads, mysterious crime novels, or the latest YA hit, post that cover art and caption it with your favorite line so far.

12. Watermelon

S U M M E R is coming. #readyforsummer #ImissCA #watermelon

A photo posted by Nicholle J Shaver (@coliepie) on

Summer’s favorite fruit is also one of the most picturesque. There’s something so seasonal about eating watermelon. Bonus points if you capture a video of a seed-spitting contest.

13. Fun at the state fair

Back to the childhood . #alohafriday #statefair #lifeisenjoyable #hawaiilife

A photo posted by Ai Nguyen (@ainguyennn) on

From cotton candy to ferris wheels, ring toss games to monster truck rallies, state fairs are filled with photo opps. What’s the point of eating a deep fried Oreo if you don’t share the delicious monstrosity with all of your followers?

14. 4th of July celebrations

#SagHarbor #independenceday2015 #gruccifireworks

A photo posted by LisaBonderKerkorian (@ljbkk1) on

Independence Day is filled with flags, fireworks, and trying to write your name in the air with a sparkler before it burns out. Celebrate America in all its 240 years of glory!

Which one of these photos have you already posted on Instagram? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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