11 Makeup Looks That Prove The Highlighter Trend Has Gone Too Far

It’s inspiring, really, how far highlighter–the makeup product that makes your face as shiny as a glazed donut, not the fluorescent marker–has come over the past couple of years. A while back, highlighter was something that only professional makeup artists and your beauty vlogger-obsessed friends used regularly. Now, most people would probably say that it’s indispensable, whether they’re thinking of it as one of those makeup products that everyone admits they don’t really need, but also can’t live without, or just referring to the rather excellent highlighter-themed memes that have been making the rounds on the Internet lately. Everyone wants to look like a glazed donut!

In fact, highlighter has come so far that it is arguable that it has actually gone too far. Its ubiquity is such that just using a regular kind of highlighter feels ineffective, and begs the question–if everyone looks like a glazed donut, what does it really take to look like a glazed donut? A lot, apparently. People have developed some seriously innovative highlighter products and looks in response–check ’em out here:

1. This pizza highlighter:


2. This pizza and donut highlighter:


3. This soothing, shimmery AF pink highlighter:

C'est magnifique #highlighter @beautyby.nk

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4. This (equally soothing) rainbow highlighter:


5. All-over face gloss:


6. Chroming:


7. Thermal highlighter:


8. This all-over rainbow/thermal combo:


9. This face gloss/thermal highlighter situation:


10. This subtle glow:


11. And, finally, this nice daytime look:

THE GLOWWWW Decided to do something artsy today so here's what I came up with! Don't pretend you never wondered what it would look like if you highlighted your whole face. This is definitely NOT a wearable look but it makes for great photos. Video will be up soon! F O U N D A T I O N – @lushcosmetics @lushuae Feeling Younger Skin Tint. #lushcosmetics S E T T I N G P O W D E R – @makeupaddictioncosmetics Snow Gold Loose Powder Highlighter. #makeupaddictioncosmetics B R O N Z E R – @thebalm_cosmetics @thebalm_me Betty Lou Manizer. #thebalmcosmetics B L U S H – @anastasiabeverlyhills that glow #glowkit in Starburst. H I G H L I G H T – @beccacosmetics Pearl from the Champagne Glow Palette #beccaglow #beccaxjaclynhill L I P S – @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar #IMNUDE liquid Lipstick with @anastasiabeverlyhills So Hollywood highlighter. #jeffreestarcosmetics

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What do you think of these highlighter products? Would you use any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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