7 Weird Things You Did As A Kid That Were Actually Normal

Here’s what I know about little kids: They touch gross things, then put their gross hand in their gross mouth, they like taking their clothes off, and, as evidenced below, they treat their dolls like garbage:

Don’t get me wrong – I love kids, a lot. I hope to have them one day when I’m at an age in which the idea of taking care of another human being doesn’t make me cringe (i.e. not anytime soon). But whether you think kids are cute or little monsters (or cute little monsters), we can all agree that they’re really effing weird, right? Think about all the weird stuff you did as a little kid–talking to your imaginary friends, undressing dolls, you became a relatively well-adjusted individual, right? That’s because, believe it or not, a lot of the strange things kids do is really normal. Here are seven weird things you definitely did as a kid that actually weren’t that weird at all.

Undressing Your Dolls

Every child on earth who has ever owned a doll has also had the honor of undressing it. I did it, you did it, we all did it. Yeah, in retrospect, it's kind of weird, but that's because we associate nudity with sexuality as we get older. Little kids aren't doing that. So why do they want to see some barbie titties? It's not necessarily because they're curious about the human body. Little kids, toddlers especially, just like to "manipulate" things. You know, see a before and after by their own hand.


Having Imaginary Friends

Did you have a friend that never even existed? Did you hold legit conversations with your favorite stuffed animal? Good news, your parents didn't need to worry about calling a shrink. By the age of seven, about 37 percent of kids have imaginary friends and they might be better off for it. Imaginary friends stimulate creativity. There's evidence that imaginary friends can be a source of comfort for kids who are traumatized. So, while having an imaginary friend might, in extreme cases, indicate darker origins, it's usually nothing to be worried about.

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Taking Your Clothes Off

Some kids just love being naked, but why? There are a lot of different explanations: First off, clothes can be uncomfortable for a little kid! Who wants to deal with pull ups and elastic waist band pants when you can be naked? Another explanation: Attention. Yes, kids are attention whores, too, and they love seeing the look of shock on a parent's face when they go streaking. Sneaky.


Sticking Items In Every Orifice

I've seen many a toddler stick peas up their nose or dig a crayon into their ear. It seems a little demented, but it's a toddler's way of realizing, "HOLY CRAP I HAVE A BODY. I HAVE AUTONOMY. I CAN DO THINGS TO IT." Then, bam, earring up the nose. They're just figuring it all out, okay?


Pretending You're Someone Else

You know those kids who insist that they're something they're absolutely not, like a dog or a duck or something? You might have been one of those kids, be honest. Well, as annoying as it might have been, it wasn't that weird. It's normal for kids to pretend to be others (people, animals, etc), as they develop a sense of self and understand individuality. They're just figuring out their place in this wild world of ours. As long as a kid doesn't start, like, barking in the middle of math class, it's all good.

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Destroying Your Dolls/Other Toys

Kids love destroying things. It's not because they're violent kids who will grow up to be violent adults. Frankly, kids just like to test how much power they have. "What will happen if I throw this lego at the wall? What will happen if I rip this doll's head off? Can I put it back together? Is it permanent?" When it comes to dolls, specifically, some researchers believe that girls destroy dolls because we grow to see dolls, like Barbie, as "hate figures." But, others also believe that it ain't that deep, and kids just destroy their Malibu Barbie because they're bored. Guilty.


Intentionally Hurting Yourself

This sounds really weird, but it's not that weird for kids to intentionally hurt themselves by hitting their head against a wall or holding their breath. When kids repeatedly bang their heads, it's their weird way of releasing stress when they're unable to communicate what they want. When it comes to holding their breath, it's just a temper tantrum times three.


Did you think that you were the only one who did any of these things? What weird things did you do as a kid? Tell us in the comments!

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