7 Real Girls Answer The Question: Can A Cheater Change?

“Once a cheater always a cheater” is one of those phrases you hear over and over again on all of your favorite TV dramas, after the main character gets their heart broken for the fourth time in a row by the same awful dude. Whenever I would watch those shows, I would yell at the TV. Why would she take him back?!!! When you’re not in the situation, the solution seems simple. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You have to break up. Right? Maybe, but when you are actually in that situation, it makes the decision much more difficult. Being cheated on sucks. It makes you question your relationship and yourself. It really lowers your confidence and makes you feel like you can’t trust anyone ever again. It can emotionally scar you. 

But what if that phrase is wrong? Do you think that some people can change? This week, user bobbideane made a forum post which posed that exact question: She wrote, “My boyfriend of four years has cheated on me but in the past. He cheated on me three times and I didn’t know at all until a month ago. I was going to leave him for good but he had cried to me and told me that he was going to change and become a better person because he has realized how much I meant to him. Do you believe that guys will actually change? I have seen a change in him, he has been showing me everyday that he loves me but I am scared that he will cheat again.”

Another user, Loomi, asked for advice on a similar situation where her boyfriend was flirting with other people. She said, “My boyfriend…is the most “anti-cheating” person that i have ever met, and I have always trusted him because he gave me no reason not to. But, I found out he had chatted with a few girls. I don’t want to leave him because I still love him and care about him. So my question is: what would you girls do if you were in my situation?” Unfortunately, this seems to happen to a lot of girls these days. What do you think? We put together seven real girls who say if they think a cheater can change:

They Have To Want To Change

OmgItsRira said, "Everyone can change. But it takes that individual to want to change in order for it to happen."

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He Might Realize What He Did Was Wrong

WaterBaby said, "There are those who realize what they took for granted and are willing to change."

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Second Chances, But Not Third

ajl18 said, "I'm all for giving 2nd chances, but not cheating on you 3 times. There's a good guy out there for you somewhere and he's not getting the chance because of this guy repeatedly doing this. So frustrating"

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It Is No Accident

NocturnalMistress said, "A man's penis does not accidentally fall into another woman's vagina. Especially 3 times. And the fact that it took you all this time to find out means he felt little to no remorse...I don't believe in change. I would be gone. But you do what your heart tells you to do! Good luck!"

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People Can Change, But Can You Forgive

gamergirl117 said,"I think people can change, but I don't know if you can forgive cheating."

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He Might Learn His Lesson

ShellyB said, " I don't think guys change much but as far as cheating, it is possible he might learn a lesson and realize what he risked and not do it again. But no I don't think a dishonest person becomes honest or a jerk becomes nice, at least not very often."

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Don't Overthink It

OhHeyKarie said, "I'm the kind of person that gives people second chances (and maybe I'm stupid for that). No matter what other people say...only you can make the decision for yourself. Don't overthink it."

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Would you forgive a cheater? Do you believe people can change? Post your thoughts on our boards and chat with other girls!

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