8 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body In The Summer Heat

Summer is tricky for me. On the one hand, I love to be outside and bask in the sun. On the other hand, I burn ridiculously easily and hate sweating. I guess you can say it’s a love/hate relationship, and a big reason for that is the weird things that the summer heat can do to your body. Yes, spending a sunny day outside can be great, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize the effect the sun and heat actually have on us. We all know about the dangers of sunburns and the importance of SPF, but there are other short term and long term negative side effects that come about when you stay outside for too long. On the flip side, there are some positive side effects that you still need to be aware of. 

Good or bad, though, you should be in the know about what’s happening to your body when you spend extra time sweating in the great outdoors. We need some quality vitamin D time to survive (no pervy jokes! I know what you’re thinking), but like so many other things, too much of a great thing can be bad. Want to know what happens to you when you’re really hot (besides sweating through your t-shirt in under an hour)? Here are eight weird things that happen to your body in the summer heat. Feel free to go outside, but listen to your body, put on sunscreen, and inform yourself!

Have you ever experienced any weird things in the heat? Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments!

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