16 Reactions To The Orlando Shooting From The LGBTQ Community That You Need To See Right Now

This weekend, a gunman walked into Pulse, a popular LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and started shooting. 50 people were killed and 53 more were injured, making this event the deadliest mass shooting in US history. President Obama called it an “act of terror and an act of hate.”

The word “senseless” has been used to describe the Pulse shooting. It wasn’t senseless, though, since, by definition, that means that the act would have to be devoid of both meaning and purpose. The invasion of a gay bar, which for many people in the gay community is the only place they can feel safe being openly gay, is loaded with meaning, loaded with purpose and, most of all, fitting with much of the anti-LGBTQ ideology that lies within the framework of our society, from legislation that prevents transgender people from using bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity to the fact that gay men still aren’t allowed to donate blood in the United States. There are many things to discuss in the wake of such a tragedy (gun control being chief among them) but most pressing might be the fact that people in the LGBTQ community in the US can’t be who they are and still feel safe. This event matters. Here are some reactions from the LGBTQ community that you need to see right now:

1. Pride is necessary:


2. Really necessary:


3. It’s almost like this bathroom legislation is a little…one-sided? Absurd when put into context? Totally unnecessary?


4. Another unnecessary, outdated piece of legislation:


5. Thinking about the shooting itself is sickening, but its possible ripple effect is terrifying:


6. But you can still be you:


7. Pulse was more than just a bar


8. Ahem:


9. Don’t pretend that this isn’t about homophobia:



10. And don’t use “politicization” as a means of evading the conversation:


11. For some of these, captions are redundant:



12. ……



13. Pretty much:


14. Remember their names:



15. On a lighter note–this should probably happen:


16. Finally, remember this. Love is love, always:


How are you feeling after the shooting? Did you learn anything from these reactions? Let us know in the comments.

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