7 Easy Ways To Be Better At Blow Drying Your Hair

I don’t do my hair. Like, I am actually mostly incapable of it–I don’t know why this is, exactly, but somewhere in my nascent adolescent stage, when other girls were learning how to wield a blow dryer, I skipped the step completely. So, my usual hair routine pretty much goes as follows. I wash it. I towel off the most waterlogged presence of moisture. I spray it with some sort of nutritive spray, like my hair is a deciduous plant. Then, I let it air dry, which takes roughly one to four hours, depending on the temperature outside and how long my hair is at the time. (It’s very thick.)

But. Despite having a severe aversion to the act of actually doing my hair, I love the way my hair looks when it is done. (I’m unique in this way. Someone get me a book deal!) Like, really done–fresh after a shampoo, cut, and blow dry. There are services for that, of course (you can find a blowout bar pretty much everywhere you look), but they’re expensive. Plus, it’s hard to justify dropping $50 on just a blowout, no cut or color, and there is only so much hair a girl can cut before it’s all completely gone. The solution? DIY blowouts. It’s actually easier than you’d think–which, coming from a hair-styling noob like me, means that it’s really easy. Check out these tips on how to be better at blow drying your hair here:

Don't Start With Soaking Wet Hair

Ever started to blow dry your hair when you're just out of the shower and it's, like, sopping wet? Yeah, don't do that. Your hair should actually be mostly dry (about 60 percent) when you start to blow dry. Not only does this make the actual act of blow drying take considerably less time, it's also less damaging on your hair, since it has less exposure to the heat. So, towel dry first, air dry for about fifteen minutes, then blow dry as normal.

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Start At The Roots

If you're like most people, you blow dry by wrapping your hair around the brush and running the dryer directly over the strands. Don't do this! Not only does it take a super long time,  it's a surefire way to make your hair look flat and deflated. Instead, put a round brush at the roots, roll it down towards the ends of your hair. Then, go back to your roots, making sure you're keeping your hair taut and pointing the airflow down the hair shaft, not against it. Focusing on your roots and hairline is more important than the ends of your hair, since that's where most of the volume stems from.

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Use The Right Styling Product

Don't put the hot air straight on your hair--make sure you're using some sort of styling product, too. At the very least, you should be using a heat protecting spray (I like this heat accelerator spray from Not Your Mother's), which will help increase the health of your hair in the long run. If you're blowing curly hair straight, you'll want to use a product for that, too--try the Chi Silk Infusion treatment. If you need volume, use the Amika Bombshell spray. Also, you want to make sure that you're applying whatever product you're using the right way. Focus on your roots, not the ends--this can create excess weight that pulls your hair down and gives it the flattened-out appearance.

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Don't Go For Super High Heat

In a rush? Don't try and make the blow dryer's temperature hotter, since this will just increase damage and frizz to your hair. Instead, use the highest setting for the speed of the air flow. This will speed up the process without creating excess damage.

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Use The Right Brush For Your Hair Type

For short hair, use a flat brush with boar and nylon bristles so that your hair doesn't get too big. For medium hair, go for a round nylon and boar brush to give your hair the right amount of body. For longer hair, use a ceramic-core round brush, which will help you create long, natural waves.

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Actually Use That Nozzle On Your Blow Dryer

Chances are good that, when you bought your hair dryer, it had a little plastic nozzle attached to it. And, chances are also good that you either left said nozzle in the box or straight-up threw it away. Well, if you still have it, you should definitely use it--using the nozzle helps the heat get applied to your hair's cuticle and gives it extra shine and smoohness. Otherwise, the heat just sprays on your hair, which creates frizz.

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Seal In The Shine

Once your hair is dry, finish it off with a quick stream of cool air from theblow dryer. Lots of people skip this step, but this actually seals in the product you used before and gives your hair more shine and elasticity.

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What do you think about doing your hair? Are you going to try out any of these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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