The 15 Coolest Earring Trends You Didn’t Know You Needed

Just like anything else, jewelry goes through styles that are more popular at certain times. Right now, I personally can’t stop thinking about earrings, probably because they’re so damn cool. Earring trends this year are all about chains, delicate designs, and the unconventional. When designing your “ear look” for 2016 and beyond, feel free to think out of the box. You can get away with lots and lots of jewelry on your ear right now without looking like a crazy person! Layer your favorite earrings and see what kinds of designs you can come up with. Even your day-to-day casual look can be complimented by a bevy of interesting earrings.

I’ve loved the look of the more delicate earring trends in the past years. As someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with a lot of jewelry on, I enjoy the more subtle look. I’m considering venturing into wearing more ear chains and cuffs as long as I stay in the minimalist, dainty designs of those types of earrings. Because I can’t really afford real diamonds right now, I like that I can buy cool earrings that are gold or silver and don’t have stones in them. #Obsessed.

You have to be careful when getting your ear pierced in places other than the lobe, but it is fun to experiment! Here are some of the coolest earring designs we’ve seen on jewelry trend-setters:

1. Earcuffs with Chain

A photo posted by @fridabecker on

Chains, chains, chains. We’re loving the edgy look of these delicate chains hanging from ear cuffs. It’s a pretty way of telling the world that you’re a badass.


2. Nontraditional Piercings

A photo posted by Emma Ishta (@emmaishta) on

Stichers star Emma Ishta is very adventurous when it comes to her earrings. She has multiple piercings and loves to experiment with shapes and chains.


3. Delicate inner-ear piercings

A photo posted by J. Colby Smith (@jcolbysmith) on

J Colby Smith is a New York jeweler who nails the idea of delicate jewelry. These small pearls look gorgeous in the unexpected part of the ear.


4. Repeated earcuffs

Put a cuff on the top and bottom of your ear for a bold look. It’s almost like ear armor!


5. Earrings that hang from the back

If you’re tired of the traditional, jump on board the trend of having your earrings hang from the back of your ear. It’s an eye-catching design.


6. Ear Jackets

A photo posted by Seoul Little (@seoullittle) on

These won’t keep you warm, but they will keep you in style. They’ve been around for a while now, but we still think they are a must-have additional to your earring arsenal.

7. Whimsical ear jackets

A photo posted by Rue Gembon (@ruegembon) on

This cascading star ear jacket by Rue Gembon is a little more over-the-top than the ear jackets we’ve seen in the last few years, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. This design can elevate an otherwise simple outfit.


8. Astrology-Inspired earwear

A photo posted by Rue Gembon (@ruegembon) on

These pretty designs mimic the night sky. Shine like the star that you are with astrological earrings!


9. Barely-there earrings

Ashley wears the Little Secret stud in gold.

A photo posted by Catbird (@catbirdnyc) on

This design by Catbird is called “Little Secret,” and for good reason! You can hardly tell that this woman is wearing earrings!


10. Bold, minimal designs

A photo posted by Catbird (@catbirdnyc) on

This design by Catbird is called “Linelash.” It’s not full of sparkly stones, but its eye-catching design is sure to turn heads.


11. A different kind of moon

A photo posted by Catbird (@catbirdnyc) on

We’ve all seen the half-moon earring, but this moon design is fresher and more interesting.


12. Earclimbers

A photo posted by Seoul Little (@seoullittle) on

This beautiful design by Seoul Little gets smaller as it goes up your ear. You can wear it on both sides or just on one ear with your hear tucked behind it. She sells it as a “climber and stud combo” if that’s the look your going for!


13. All the way up

Similar to the ear climber, this look follows the shape of your ear. If you’re willing to commit, you can make pricing all the way up and design your earrings accordingly.


14. Bubbles

At once minimalist and out-there, layering the “bubble” look is on point right now.


15. Ear Wraps

A photo posted by TENOVERSIX (@tenoversix) on

Which earring trend would you try? Let me know in the comments below!

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