19 Weirdly Sexual Things People Tweet About Bernie Sanders

If you’ve been following this election cycle, you’ll know the following: One, this election has the appeal of a garbage can on fire. Two, this election turned a little known senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, into a household name. Despite competing with Hillary Clinton for months, and rising in popularity like wildfire, the numbers just weren’t in his favor. Bernie Sanders hasn’t given up quite yet, but the writing is on the wall: Hillary will be the Democratic nominee for president. But Bernie is still super popular among a hard-to-reach demographic: THE YOUTHS. Seriously, I only know a handful of friends who voted for Hillary in the primary, and if my Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr feeds are any indication, Bernie is popular for first time voters and even kids who can’t vote yet but like his ideas: Universal health care, free college, humane immigration policy, better access to birth control, etc.



But, because young people love him, he receives a lot of the same treatment online that young people expose other major figures to: Thirst. Yes, people have said some seriously thirsty things to 74-year-old Bernie, ranging from a harmless cry of “DADDY!” to “cum all over me pls.” Whether you’re “feeling the Bern” or not, you’re going to die from these 19 sexually explicit tweets about Bernie Sanders.


1. There are so many things that can be said about this. Ultimately, I don’t think that this is the best way to consume a bagel.


2. Godspeed.


3. A classic.


4. Simple hopes and dreams.


5. Free college for all!


6. Oh.


7. Like…a high pressure garden hose or something?


8. Romantic!


9. Is this available on Amazon?


10. For the daddy fans.


11. When your policies are pure fiyah.


12. Loyalty.


13. Powerful.


14. Nothing wrong with role playing, I guess!


15. Who knew politics could be so sexy?


16. No comment.


17. This poppin’ is going to be super short-lived but you do you, boo!


18. OMG.


19. Twerking in front of a Bernie poster = instant classic.


Okay, which of these thirsty Tweets is your favorite? Have you ever tweeted something dirty to a celebrity? Tell us in the comments!

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