8 Funny But True Coming Out Stories To Celebrate LGBT Pride Month

The month of June isn’t just about the beginning of summer and the ending of the school year – it’s also considered Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (AKA LGBT) Pride Month. Why June? It isn’t just a random choice. The month was chosen because of the events that transpired in New York City in 1969 that are referred to as the Stonewall Riots – this was when a group of LGBT+ people stood up to the police for being harassed and inspired LGBT rights groups to form across the country. Now, events and celebrations are hosted throughout the month to represent equality and showcase pride. While LGBT+ rights have come a long way since 1969, there’s still a stigma attached to identifying as anything other than heterosexual, and LGBT Pride Month is trying to change that. A huge part of being LGBT is coming out. A lot of coming out stories are sad and hard to read, but not all of them! And since this month is a celebration month, we wanted to celebrate the funny coming out stories that exist.

Coming out as LGBT+ is a pretty big deal for a lot of people, and everyone does it in their own way. No matter how many tips you read, there is no “right” way to come out. Each individual’s situation is different and the people they come out to react differently. In an ideal situation, everyone would be caring and supportive and nothing would change, but not everyone reacts perfectly. Fortunately, as these stories show, not everyone has bad coming out experiences. Let these funny but true (and very real) coming out stories inspire you:

Whoops, Wrong Word

GayWarriorNinja: I find that a lot of my gay-ness leads to me feeling sad about the situation I'm stuck in with my family....

But let's have a feel-good post!

What's your funniest coming out story?

Mine had been coming out to my close friend. She is very accepting of everyone, no matter their sexuality. At the time I thought I might be bi. She had known about a "crush" (friend crush) I had had on a guy. So when a told her that I have a crush on a girl she exclaimed, "Oh, so you're bipolar!" I lost my shit laughing so hard. All of a sudden it hit her that she said bipolar instead of bisexual and she turned so red...

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Family Bonding

myagbthrowaway: I just had a hilarious coming out moment. I can't really share with anyone I know but I need to let someone else know.

So I finally came out to my sister(she is a few years older), when I went to go visit her today. She was super awesome about it and extremely supportive. Not even 15min into our conversation she runs into her bedroom and comes back out with an unopened bottle of anal lube and she says "if you would have told me sooner, I just got rid of a butt plug I never used" I sat there shocked for a second then started dying. My sister's reaction to me coming out is to give me sex toys. Today I learned more than I ever wanted to know about my sister's sex life.

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No Surprises

JD667: My friend came out to his mother while she was washing dishes and she said "No shit" without even turning around.

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You're Like Superman

Nickolisob: I went to a Glee concert....I know..... and I bought a shirt that said "Likes Boys." I wore it under a button up with the snap buttons one day and I was thinking of coming out to one of my brothers. I was in the bathroom and I was looking at myself thinking about telling him and I realized I had the shirt. So I walked out and I just ripped open my button up. The first thing he says was "Yeah, I know you went to the Glee concert." Then I gave him a look and pointed at the shirt again. Then we had a very nice talk.

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At Least They're Both Great Actors

LuxVastitas: After coming out to my mom over lunch: "I see you as more of a Will than a Jack."


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It Could Have Been So Much Worse

maruchi_arahan: I had built it up over a number of minutes, trying to say the actual words "I am gay", but in the end she guessed and all I could do was nod. "Oh bloody hell I thought it was going to be something serious like you had cancer!"

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No More Diapers

ctnguy: When I came out to my parents, my mother asked, "Does this mean you won't be bringing any babies into the family?"

"Well, you know, gay adoption is legal now so it's possible, but no, probably not."

"Thank goodness for that."

My mother doesn't like babies very much.

[To be clear, she was and is an excellent mother. Just not a big fan of babies.]

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This Sounds Familiar

EnLaSxranko: One friend responded with "Do I even have any straight friends?"

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Do you identify as LGBT+? Do you have a coming out story of your own? Share in the comments!


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