18 Genius DIY Projects For Small Bedrooms That Will Save Space

Small bedrooms can be charming, cozy, and adorable – but if you don’t put time and effort into organizing and decorating them in the most storage-friendly way possible, then they can easily become a huge, hectic mess. A small bedroom usually means you have room for the necessities and not much else, which means that your storage space isn’t ideal. You could look at this in a negative way, or you could choose to look at it as a challenge to be as creative as possible. If you’d like to choose that option (I recommend!), there are actually lots of DIY projects for small bedrooms that will help save space, organize your items, and keep things from looking too cluttered.

The key to keeping a tiny living space neat and tidy is making use of all areas in the best way possible. You don’t want to just buy any old shelves or furniture without keeping the size of your room in mind. Sometimes it’s easier to buy storage items made just for little rooms, and other times it just becomes easier to do it yourself. Plus, DIY bedroom crafts are fun, and they make your room decor more unique and personal.

The below DIY projects are totally genius. They’ll give you more space to feel comfortable while keeping your things organized, and they’ll make your room look adorable. They work for a “regular” bedroom or a dorm room. Get to work this summer on these DIY projects for small bedrooms, and thank me later.


1. Make a floating table by your bed instead of a nightstand.


Source: Monsters Circus

Nightstands are great, but they can take up a lot of room – and if you don’t have the space, you need something next to the bed for your necessities. Instead of putting a shelf on the wall, try something different with a floating shelf. It can only hold a few things, but it looks really cool.


2. Make your own Murphy desk so you can have it all. 


Source: Shanty 2 Chic

In case you’re not familiar with a Murphy desk, the desk part of this piece folds back up into those shelves. This is really great for saving space, since you can have it up or down, depending on what you need. It’s a game changer!


3. Create a bench for sitting and storing things.


Source: Mad In Crafts

It’s nice to have something in your room besides a bed for friends to sit on this. This DIY bench is great for that, but it also lifts up to reveal hidden storage space. Stuff it with whatever you want so that it serves more than one purpose.


4. Create a mirror version of a Murphy desk.


Source: HandiMania

This acts as a small desk space that can easily be hidden when you need the extra space.


5. Make a giant pegboard for all of the little things.


Source: Gingersnap Crafts

This pegboard might be holding craft supplies here, but it can really hold anything! Fill the small storage containers with makeup, nail polish, hair accessories, pens, pencils… literally whatever you want. The bigger you can make this, the more stuff you can hold.


6. Make your own wall jewelry holder to keep everything in one spot and off of your surfaces.


Source: Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Saving surface space is a good way to keep your room looking neat and not cluttered. Jewelry can look messy very easily, which is why hanging it on the wall is ideal. Make your own arrow hook to hold all of your jewelry in the nicest way possible.


7. Put together a floating shelf that also has a light.


Source: Coco & Kelley

Lamps take up precious space, which is why this floating shelf is great. It helps give some light, can be used for a little bit of decorative storage, and looks cool.


8. Make a shelf with a hidden compartment so that you’re basically James Bond.


Source: Rogue Engineer

Hidden storage is always cooler than regular storage; it’s basically a fact. This shelf has a secret compartment to hold things you don’t want anyone else to see (although I’d have to advise against that gun).


9. One more DIY shelf option: a shelf with a phone dock! 


Source: The Merry Thought

This shelf perfectly replaces a nightstand with it’s sleek space and cool phone dock that makes charging even easier.


10. Transform your closet with extra rods so you can hold more items.


Source: 320 Sycamore

If you’re only using one clothing rod in your closet, you’re doing it wrong. Add another one for smaller items and instantly make your life so much easier.


11. Make an over-the-door shelf for unexpected storage space.



When you’re in a small bedroom, you need to utilize all space possible, even the spaces you wouldn’t normally think of. A shelf over your door is unexpected, but works to hold items you don’t use all the time.


12. Make your own drawers for under your bed.


Source: Lowe’s

Another great space to take advantage of is under your bed. Instead of stuffing things under there at random and making a mess, make these drawers to keep things neat.


13. Create a pretty hook rack for your wall.


Source: Home Depot

Maximize wall space with a hook rack to hold scarves, hoodies, jewelry, hats… whatever you want!


14. Try this chair storage project for storage and a place to sit.


Source: CraptasticKatie

Make a chair for your vanity or desk into something more than a place to sit – having the cushion comes up lets you store small things inside. Making the most of every space is imperative for a small bedroom, so even little spots like this are worth it.


15. Or try a DIY ottoman for more space.


Source: Rockler

An ottoman might store more than a chair, and it can still be used for sitting. The wheels on this are a great touch!


16. You can even make your own platform bed that has storage space built into it.


Source: ChatfieldCourt

Making your own bed might sound weird, but it’s really not! This one has some great storage space and can be made to look really cute.


17. Create a cord organizer to keep little things in place.


Source: Darkroom & Dearly

A drawer organizer is great to keep your little items in place. A cord organizer is perfect for those with more tech items, but you can use this for anything!


18. Make a pretty ladder shelf to give your room style. 


Source: Design Sponge

Ladder shelves are very *in* right now. They do take up a little space, but they can also be used to hold shoes, bags, or other items, so you still win!
Which one of these DIY projects are you going to make for your bedroom? What else do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

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