7 Times Students Were Kicked Out Of Prom For Stupid Reasons In 2016

When you’re a student, your primary prom concerns are looking good, going with somebody you don’t hate, and making sure your prom pics are on point. If you’re a school principal, your primary prom concerns are whether or not someone’s bare shoulder is way too sexy for human consumption…oh, and making sure any students who aren’t straight feel as hated as possible. I know, I should very anti-school right now, but I’m not: I’m anti-schools coming up with terrible, rigid rules that are body shaming, homophobic, and petty af. When these terrible values lead to innocent teenagers being kicked out of prom, then that’s just next level disgusting.

Seriously, can a prom season go by without that happening? Is it possible?

Living by a “rules will be rules” mindset can be so dangerous, especially since most things in this effed up world of ours aren’t just black or white. Some rules were made to be broken. Want proof? Check out these seven times students were kicked out of prom for stupid reasons and prepare to be filled with rage.


Kicked Out Of Prom For Showing Too Much Skin

This story is beyond humiliating and rage inducing. Amy Steverson was turned away from her senior prom because her floor length, off-the-shoulder dress was "too revealing." She spent a while in the bathroom, sobbing her eyes out, before being told she'd be allowed entry if she wore the Vice Principal's tuxedo jacket...which didn't fit. Meanwhile, a teacher kept telling her, "Us big girls gotta cover up." Imagine being this humiliated...all for having big boobs, which are deemed inherently inappropriate. Terrible. Unfortunately, body shaming and prom too often go hand in hand.

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Kicked Out Of Prom For Reading A Poem With The N-Word In It

Taiylar Ball is a member of the National Honor Society who was accepted into 11 different colleges, received over $1 million in scholarships, and will be a pre-med student at Florida A&M University this fall. But being an exemplary student didn't matter all that much to the officials of her high school, because she wasn't allowed to go to prom. Why? Because she performed an empowering poem about black girlhood titled "Dear Black Girls" for the school talent show, which included the N-word. Given the context of the poem, any reasonable human being would know that it wasn't used in a hateful way, and as a black woman, if anyone gets a pass for saying that word, it's her. Her school also threatened to ban her from her own graduation, but eventually decided against it, most likely thanks to a slew of criticism they received after this story broke. Thankfully, Taiylar's future is bright, so she can give a big eff you to her high school's administrators.

Kicked Out Of Prom For Wearing A Suit

Aniya Wolf is a out and proud lesbian who has always leaned toward a masculine sense of style. Of course, that wasn't going to stop on prom night. Unfortunately, on the day of the prom, the Aniya's Catholic school sent out an e-mail stating that girls were required to wear dresses. In defiance, Aniya arrived to her prom wearing a suit, but police (yes, police) kept her from entering the event. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending: Another high school invited her to their prom, which she happily attended...rocking her suit.


Kicked Out Of Prom For Too Many Medical Absences

Jared Springer was informed that he wouldn't be allowed to attend his senior prom because he missed too much school...after healing from a hip injury for three weeks. It's not like this kid was just ditching school, this was a medical issue! Can this kid get a break? He's already suffered a brain tumor related collapse two years prior, which left him confined to a wheel chair. Now his hip breaks and he can't go to prom because of it? There's a silver lining to this story, however: Widespread outrage from the community led the school to host a private party, just for him. That...might be cooler than a prom, honestly.


Kicked Out Of Prom For Being Gay

Okay, get this. Eighteen-year-old Raymond Tullier tried to buy prom tickets for himself and his boyfriend, Nicholas Newport, but he was barred from doing so by his school's Assistant Principal. Why?Because same-sex couples aren't allowed to attend prom. To add insult to injury, Tullier was suspended. Suspended. Thankfully, the school district's superintendent was alerted of the matter and reversed the prom ban, insisting that discrimination would not be tolerated. Nice that this had a happy ending, but it never should have happened in the first place.


Kicked Out Of Prom For Being Too Old To Go To Attend Prom With Autistic Brother

This is one of the pettier prom bans. Jayce Wisenhunt is an autistic special needs student who was excited to attend prom with his older sister, Jessica. But the night ended with Jayce running away from the venue in tears after his sister was turned away at the door because she was too old. School policy doesn't allow students to bring dates over the age of 20, and Jessica is 24-years-old. I understand a school wanting to keep out any potentially predatory prom dates--you know, a creepy 27-year-old dating a 16-year-old girl--but come on. It's his sister. Some rules are made to be broken.

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Kicked Out Of Prom For Dress That Went Against The Dress Code

Malika Sneed was beyond excited to rock a gorgeous two-piece dress for her senior prom. Unfortunately, she bought the dress before knowing about the prom's strict dress code...and the dress violated just about every aspect of it, so she wasn't allowed to attend. Students had to sign a dress code agreement or else they would be denied entry. In the school's defense, Malika signed the agreement and broke the rules anyway. But the frustration lies in the fact that Malika's dress was pretty damn tasteful and wasn't even that revealing. Can we stop being such babies about showing a little skin?


Have people ever been banned from your high school’s prom for stupid reasons? Which rules do you think are actually pretty fair? Tell us in the comments!

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    Ms. Wolf attended Bishop McDevitt High School in my city. Luckily, she was invited to attend a prom at York, PA city high school with her date.