Quiz: Is Your Friendship Actually Toxic?

If you were to hear the words “toxic” and “friend” in the same sentence, chances are good that a few very famous faces of not-particularly-great automatically pop into your head. You know, like, Regina George. Blair Waldorf. The entire Pretty Little Liars squad, probably.


But toxic friendships can be harder to spot than you might think. They don’t always come in your standard Regina George or Blair Waldorf packaging, and, in most cases, they don’t start off being particularly toxic–people don’t befriend other people who make them feel terrible, generally–but tends to morph into something more damaging and harmful over time. This means that it’s hard to realize when, exactly, a friendship starts to turn sour. But are you in a toxic friendship? Take this quiz to find out for sure:


What answer did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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