15 Cute Ideas For Decorating Your Home Desk

Having a beautifully decorated desk is more important than you think. Sitting down at an organized, neat, and aesthetically pleasing desk can actually motivate you to get your sh*t together and get things done. If your desk is haphazardly thrown together, messy, and uninviting, you’re going to be less likely to actually sit down and grind it out. When you’re a student, you spend a lot of time working at your desk (and on your bed, and in your friend’s bed, and in the library) but sometimes it can be the last thing you put energy into to when you’re decorating. It shouldn’t be, because there are so many cute ideas for decorating your desk that you should be trying.

When you’re organizing your desk, think about things that inspire you. What is going to remind you why you are working so hard? What is going to make you smile? What is going to give you the energy to pull yet another all-nighter? Maybe you like a certain sayings or perhaps pictures of people you love gets you going. Whatever you do, make it intentional. Too often our desks become the graveyard of all the junk we don’t know what to do with. Right now, I have a print of the word “killing it” at my desk because it’s a phrase my friends and I use to congratulate each other on our accomplishments. It makes me happy!

Also, avoid cliche decor or boring items. Don’t resort to decorating with bulletin boards (*yawn*). Here are some tips to making your desk the workstation of your dreams:

1. Coordinate your desk supplies so that they all match or look good together..

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I’m a big fan of anything gold or acrylic, so it makes me really happy when I see my desk supplies looking all cute and coordinated. It’s the little things!


2. Use washi tape to hang things and decorate.

Washi Tape easily comes off of walls, and you can buy it in any color and almost any pattern! It’s a fun way to hang up things that inspire you without the commitment of mounting a frame.


3. Hang clips on the wall to hold photos.

Similar to the washi tape, you can keep inspirational materials here and change the out when needed.


4. Use a mesh board instead of a bulletin board.

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You can make your own by getting the wire mesh at home improvement stores, or buy one from Urban Outfitters. It’s like a bulletin board, but more unique.


5. Hang clipboards on your wall so the important things are right in front of you.

Clipboards give your desk wall a clean, sharp look. It’s also more helpful to have important papers in front of your face rather than stuffed in a drawer where they could easily be forgotten.

6. Print out your Instagram pictures.

It’s not as easy to print out photos as it used to be, so I love Artifact Uprising. They can take photos directly from your Instagram feed and print them out on cute square paper. Look at all your favorite people and places while you get those emails done.


7. Keep an inspiration board behind your computer.

Gather images that define you and excite you and mount them on a board.


8. Lean pictures up against the wall on your desk.

Who says pictures need to be hung? Lean a frame or two against the wall for a more lived-in look.


9. Use a gold statement piece.

These “OK” gold vases add some fun to this adorable desk. Gold pineapples, gold bicycles, gold dinosaurs…find something that makes you smile!


10. Throw a sheepskin blanket over your desk chair.

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This faux sheepskin rug from Ikea adds some elegance to your desk area. It’s technically a rug, but right now it’s all the rage to drape it over your chair.


11. Hang up a custom banner.

Do you have a word or phrase that defines you or gets your butt into gear? Create a custom banner on Etsy! It’s a fun way to personalize your workspace.


12. Keep it simple.

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Why fill your wall with tons of clutter when you can have one badass hashtag. We’re loving this one in particular.


13. Make a chalkboard wall.

Keep your notes and thoughts right on your wall.


14. Add some plants.

Take a page from The New Darlings and deck your desk out in succulents.


15. Use books as a pedestal.

Stack a few choice books on your desk and then set a lamp/plant/candles on top of it!


How is your desk decorated? Let me know in the comments below!

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