8 Things You Won’t Give A Damn About When You’re Older

When I was 16-years-old, few things were more important to me than my upsettingly average SAT score, one of my best friendships fizzling out, the guy I had a crush on not knowing I existed, and Harry Potter fandom. If someone told me then that, years later, of all of these things, the one thing I would care about the most is Harry Potter, I wouldn’t have believed them. And yet…it’s true.

I’m not that far out of my teen years now, but I’m still amazed by the fact that everything I thought I would care about for the rest of forever at that time are…well, a thing of the past. Frankly, we look at life in such a finite, THIS IS GOING TO MATTER FOREVER lens at any age, but especially so when we’re in high school. Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the fact that high school can kind of suck. I don’t know, but I do know that there’s at least a 90 percent chance that you won’t give a damn about these eight things when you’re a lil’ older.


Your High School Bae

Yeah, I know, you're probably thinking that you're going to love your high school bae forever and ever and ever and ever. Well, er, chances are y'all aren't going to stay together beyond high school graduation, and you'll move on to plenty of other great and crappy relationships. So, yeah, your 11th grade boo is not going to be a priority.


Doing Things By Yourself

The idea of eating lunch by yourself can be so scary when you're younger, but something about getting older makes us care a lot less as to whether or not we look like a big ol' friendless loser for eating alone or shopping alone or going to a concert alone. Don't miss out on fun (or the opportunity to stuff your face) just because you're not rolling deep.

Before Sunrise

Your Likes Or Follower Count

We're human beings. Human beings crave approval. It's only natural that we get all hype about how many likes or followers we have (at least a little bit). But this is something that you definitely start to care a little less about the older you get. Like, okay, so that photo you took at that concert didn't get more than 50 likes. Bummer, whatever, you're not going to care enough to delete it because it didn't get at least 60. Ain't nobody got time for that. Also, anybody who demands follow backs past their teens shouldn't be trusted.


Visible Body Hair

God, the idea of somebody seeing my under arm stubble as a teenager was mortifying. Now? Pssh, I'll go out with some delightfully fuzzy legs if I'm too lazy to shave, and honestly...most people don't care. Like, not everybody is checkin' for you, boo, but it takes age to figure that out. If you already don't care, congrats, you're ahead of the curve.

Sarah Wintner

How Many Friends You Have

Quality over quantity, dude. Yes, it looks impressive to have a lot of friends on your social media, or have a ton of people to text, or to have a lot of different parties to attend over the year. But by the time you turn 25, the number of friends you have starts to dwindle down anyway, and you end up staying close to the people who really matter.


Where You Did (And Didn't) Get Into College

Yeah, it can still suck when you think about the dream school you didn't get into, and you might be proud of how many schools you did get into, but honestly...you really stop caring at least half-way through your freshman or sophomore year of college. Oh, and nobody else really cares either.

A Different World

Your SAT Score

...Honestly, if you still manage to bring up your stellar SAT score in a conversation beyond the age of 18-years-old...please get your life together because nobody gives a damn.



Yes, FOMO might still be relatively strong forever if you're the type who always wants to know what's goin' on, but when you get older, you start to care a lot less about missing this party or that concert. Sometimes, you just need to chill.

Some Girls


Which of these things are you already over? Tell us in the comments!

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