8 Super Cheap And Fun Date Ideas

I don’t know about you, but, in my opinion, dating someone when you are young and basically penniless is rough. Sure, you could spend a day going job-hunting with your significant other, but how much fun would that really be?  Answer: zero fun, would not recommend. If you’ve been together for a while and just want to try something new, or even if it’s your first date, thinking of date ideas can be stressful when you are limited to the under $10 category. Even seeing a movie is out, with ticket prices at about $25 for two – and that doesn’t even include popcorn! Since when did dinner and a movie become such an investment?

Inexpensive dates during the summer are actually a lot easier than you would think. You can spend a lot of time outside, as long as you have some strong sunscreen and bug spray with you (dates – bug spray + bug bites = bad). You will also have a lot more free time now that school is done and you don’t have to worry about your homework. Here are some cheap girl tips for summer date ideas that will not put your bank account below zero.

Have A Bonfire With S'mores

Is there anyone on this Earth who will say no to s'mores? The ingredients are cheap, so you should be able to make plenty of them for less than $10. When you're done making them, you can hang by the bonfire for the rest of the night, which is just really romantic and fun. Make sure you put it out, though. You don't want to be blamed for causing a forest fire, that's illegal.

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Go Hiking

If you and your SO like the great outdoors and going on adventures, hiking is a great date idea that will cost you nothing... except sweat and maybe tears, depending on if you are afraid of heights like I am. Pack a picnic lunch to make things a little bit more romantic.

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Have A Picnic

Speaking of picnics... if you like the outdoors and food, then they're basically perfect. You and your date can spend the afternoon making your favorite snacks and packing a basket for lunch, then go to your local park, or even your backyard, and enjoy your mini-vacation. Do your best to keep the ants away.

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Play With Pups

Do you love dogs? Does your significant other love dogs? Go look at dogs! Go to a local shelter or adoption center and play with the dogs. They will love the company! Try not to cry when you can't take them home!

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Bake Something

Boxed cake and cookie mixes are normally around five dollars, so you wouldn't have to splurge on a fancy dessert. You can make a playlist together and listen to it while you make your culinary masterpiece. If you want a real challenge, make something from scratch. Even if you mess up it'll still be a good time.

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Look At Old Photo Albums

Nothing says "getting to know each other" quite like looking at old baby pictures of your SO in their underwear. Kidding, but it can be nice to look through old pictures and hear stories about when they were little.

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Go To An Antique Store

Antique stores are full of fun and weird things from all over. Even if you don't buy anything, chances are you will find some relic from the 90's that will make you laugh, like an old flip-phone or a VHS tape of The Rugrats (if you do happen to find that, you should buy it).

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Make Milkshakes

Going out and buying milkshakes is fun, but what's even more fun is making your own and trying a bunch of different recipes. You can blend different types of ice cream together with other ingredients, like cookies or candy bars, and create your own flavor. Would chocolate chip cookies go well with strawberry ice cream? Probably! Would chocolate ice cream go good with licorice? Probably not! But it's worth a shot!

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Which date ideas are you going to try? What is your favorite thing to do on a date? Tell us in the comments!

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