15 Of The Best Highlighter Memes You’ll Ever See

One of my very favorite things about the internet in this day and age is the unlikely, but fitting, intersection between makeup and memes. Wouldn’t you agree? From  Tumblr to Twitter to Instagram, the internet is simply teeming with them, whether they’re feminist statements or just a means of complaining about how much it costs. Which brings me, of course, to one of my very favorite makeup memes–the highlighter meme. Or, to be more specific, the “what highlighter she use?” meme.

You know what highlighter is, right? (Not the kind you use for school, though that is a common mistake.) It’s a shiny, shimmery cream that you apply to your cheeks, nose, and any other focal points of your face. It’s meant to make you look dewey effortlessly glow-y,  and, if applied correctly, lets everyone know that, not only did youuse highlighter, you used a really good brand of highlighter. It’s such a good brand, in fact, that they won’t be able to resist asking, “what highlighter she use?”And sometimes, the question isn’t limited to just humans. Check out the best of the “what highlighter she use” memes you’ll ever see:

1. Take, for example, this regal-ass horse:


2. Or this mystifyingly gorgeous mouse (rat?):


3. And this anxiety-inducing picture of a vintage, sweaty Beyonce:


4. Here, take this purebred long-haored Yorkshire Terrier as a palate cleanser:


5. And feel free to use the literal rainbow as your own highlighter:


6. Or inspiration from this statue:


7. Gorgeous:


8. Ezra Koenig’s nose–equally gorgeous:


9. When the pony dumb thiqq >>>


10. The glow on that pigeon, tho:


11. Mmmm:


12. It’s called “chroming,” actually:


13. All-over highlighter >>>


14. Same:


15. The age-old question:


What do you think of this meme? Which of these tweets was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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