15 Tweets That Perfectly Capture How Awkward Kissing Can Be

Okay, so, real talk: As it just so happens, I am one of those people who really enjoys kissing.  I also like pizza. And Nutella. And I think Meryl Streep is a great actress. I know! I am not trying to be controversial, but I must speak my truth. But kissing is really great, IMO–it feels good, is good for you, and actually has the power to change your body (in good ways, mostly) when you do it. But here is the other thing about kissing–sometimes, it can be really, really awkward. Take, for example, this video that Bella Thorne posted the other day to commemorate her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin:

I…just…I don’t know. Obviously, I am not trying to make fun of Ms. Thorne and Mr. Sulkin’s relationship. You are totally allowed to get a little with your SO whenever you’d like. They seem happy. But, looking at the video from a purely technical standpoint, it is so painfully indicative of pretty much everything that could go wrong with a kiss. There’s teeth. Both too much and too little eye contact. Slurping. The underlying sense that one party isn’t really vibing with the other’s intentions, like, at all. You know? So, in honor of this video, check out these tweets that perfectly capture how awkward kissing can be:

1. Well, first of all, there is…this factual evidence that kissing might be profoundly Messed:


2. Factually? Yes. This is true. And it’s weird.


3. Why is this…so accurate?


4. Ah, yes. The best kissing advice of all:


5. This is…a lot:


6. You never forget your first kiss:


7. WHY:




9. Seems accurate:


10. A good kiss can speak the words you’re too afraid to say:


11. This is true:


12. The WORST:


13. I mean, yeah. Pretty much:


14. Same:


15. Ah, yes. Irritated kisses. Nothing like it:


Did these tweet strike a chord for you? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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