What To Do If Someone Pees Inside Of You

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While we were having sex, my boyfriend ended up accidentally peeing inside of me. Why did this happen and what should I do? Is that really bad for me? Could I get a disease? Please help, I’m too embarrassed to go to the gyno.


Believe it or not, dealing with pee during sex isn’t as abnormal as you think it is. Sometimes it just happens, and other times people do it intentionally (it’s a thing). But dealing with pee inside of you is something I don’t really feel qualified to answer, since I’m not a doctor. So, it’s time to turn to the medical experts on this one!

I asked my friend Dr. Sherry Ross from the site HelloFlo (a monthly period package you need in your life ASAP) about this to see what she thought. Dr. Ross said, “Since this was an accident, it is safe to assume you and your boyfriend are not into ‘golden showers.’ While many people believe guys can’t pee unless their penis is flaccid, this isn’t always true. Men can urinate with an erection even though it may be more difficult to do so.”

A lot of people also think that people can’t pee while having sex – when you’re turned on, the instinct to go to the bathroom is turned off (bodies are weird). Dr. Ross busted that myth too, saying, “Men and women can both feel the urge to pee during sex, especially when there is extra pressure put on the bladder with certain sexual positions. If you didn’t empty your bladder before sex, this urge can happen a lot! This is a good reminder for everyone to pee before having sex. If you were having spontaneous sex in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, your bladder may be full and this urge will definitely be there. These are the times when accidents will be more likely to happen.”

Okay, but what about if it happened already? Dr. Ross says, “The good news is that urine is sterile, so it shouldn’t increase your chance of having a vaginal infection if he isn’t passing along any sexually transmitted infections (STIs). No matter how sterile urine is, the thought of having pee inside a body orifice where it normally shouldn’t be can be disgusting. If it happens, I would suggest taking a shower and cleaning your vagina well with a gentle soap and warm water. This may be one of the few times I suggest using a light water-vinegar douche to rinse the urine out of the vagina.”

And how can you make sure this doesn’t happen again? Dr. Ross says, “Having your partner wear a condom is a good idea to prevent STIs and prevent urine from getting into the vagina if he has this unfortunate tendency.” Condoms, guys. They prevent pregnancy AND pee incidents.

Dr. Ross adds, “There is no need to feel embarrassed. This is a more common event in the bedroom than most couples like to talk about.” Which brings me to the last point: you should never feel embarrassed to talk to your gynecologist about anything. They are doctors who deal with vaginas all day long – they have heard everything. Good luck, don’t stress, and buy some condoms!

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