11 Of the Weirdest Relationship Confessions Of All Time

Here is a confusing but true sentence: My worst quality is the fact that my favorite thing to do is find out about the worst part of anyone’s relationship. I love hearing about fights. I love hearing about who isn’t talking to whom at the moment. I love hearing about unsavory discoveries caused by a bout of ill-advised lurking. I love it all. I hate myself. Understand? If so, I am sure you can relate. Schadenfreude–that is, the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others— is an emotion that affects us all, at one point or another. But there is a certain point at which it becomes cruel, probably, to plumb the depths of the emotion of your friends and family.

And that, of course, is when it is time to turn to the Internet. I like the Whisper app/website in particular, personally, which probably is the best place for any and all types of relationship mess. Whisper, if you aren’t familiar, is an app that lets its users share messages on a totally anonymous basis. This means that people share very, very personal things–which, of course, includes their very personal relationship drama. Here are some totally weird relationship confessions that, for the sake of schadenfreude, you kind of have to check out:

What do you think of these confessions? Which one was most surprising for you? Let us know in the comments!

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