18 Ridiculously Cute Pineapple Crafts You Need To Make This Summer

This might sound weird, but I’ll just say it anyway: I really love pineapples. I don’t know why, honestly, I just do. Maybe it’s because pineapples have a tropical, beachy vibe to them that reminds me of Caribbean islands, warm summer days, and time spent by the ocean (my favorite things!). Or maybe it’s because those fruits, with their prickly skin and pointy leaves, are really freakin’ adorable in a way I can’t even explain because it sounds odd. I DON’T KNOW GUYS. I just know I have a thing for pineapples and I need to chill.

But this post is about me having no chill, because it’s all about pineapples. Specifically, pineapple crafts that you (and I) need to make this summer. The Internet seems to have caught onto my pineapple obsession (did you even see this Buzzfeed post because it almost bankrupted me) and I couldn’t be happier about it. And while I fully encourage you purchasing pineapple items, I also think you should put your creativity to good use and make some of your own. It’s just more special and fun that way!

To get you started, here are a bunch of easy tutorials for ridiculously cute pineapple crafts you need to make ASAP. These will fuel your pineapple obsession (or begin it), make your summer a little brighter, and give you something to do during those boring days off. Hey, a pineapple bag might sound absurd, but once you see it, you’ll understand the appeal.

1. Make a pineapple blanket for days at the beach or the park. 



These adorable blankets are easier to make than you think and are perfect for a picnic or beach day. If pineapples aren’t your thing, go for the watermelon or orange!


2. Decorate a pouch with little pineapples. 



This adorable pouch is great for holding makeup or other small items. I love to throw these in my handbags to keep my little items from collecting at the bottom of my bag.


3. Make the cutest pineapple bath mat.



Getting ready to move into a dorm this coming fall? Make this adorable pineapple bath mat to brighten up your boring bathroom. Even if you’re staying home, this is great!


4. Put together a pineapple box.



This is a cool idea for a gift (you can fill it with stuff) or just for decor around your room.


5. Have your own DIY pineapple bulletin board to stay organized. 



This has to be the cutest bulletin board in existence. Use it over your desk to keep all of your important items in one place – and it’s perfect for a dorm room.


6. Sport some whimsical pineapple sneakers this summer. 



You probably didn’t know you needed pineapple shoes until you saw these. They would be so cute with a summery dress, or even worn with a bathing suit and coverup at the beach.


7. Make your own fun pineapple lamp. 



Your bedroom (or dorm room) will be instantly happy, tropical, and fun with this DIY lamp.


8. Put together a super easy pineapple laundry basket.



This laundry basket is so cute it will make you want to do laundry just so you can use it. And it’s easy!


9. Make a pineapple night light. 



Ah, the magic of mason jars. Transform one in a size of your choosing into a pineapple, then use it was a nightlight for your bedroom, or even as decor outside.


10. Make a convenient little pencil pouch. 



You definitely don’t need to be a kid to own a pencil pouch. This is an adorable accessory for school no matter how old you are.


11. Make the best little pineapple cork board. 



If the bright yellow and green board above wasn’t your style, maybe this more graphic design will work for you. How can you resist this?!


12. Create your own tropical espadrilles. 



These are so chic it looks like you bought them from a store. But you didn’t, you crafty minx, you.


13. Use cut-up sponges to make a cool pineapple throw pillow. 



Simple, fun, and a nice way to bring a little sunshine to your bed.


14. Get some plants and make a pineapple plant holder.



This is so perfect it almost seems like this plant was made to look like a pineapple.


15. Keep your small jewelry in one place with this pineapple ring dish. 



Paint this however you want to make it your own. This would also be a really great DIY gift!


16. Show off your pineapple obsession with this DIY tee.



How cute would this look with a skirt and a pair of sandals?


17. Make a pineapple tote bag for the beach. 



This tote is so adorable I might have to make it for myself. It’s great for the beach, pool, or literally any day.


18. This DIY pineapple planter is simple and so fun to put together. 



Succulents never looked so good!


Which one of these pineapple crafts is your favorite? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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