16 Amazing Real Prom Makeup Before And Afters

Prom is the perfect excuse to go all-out glam. You can throw on those falsies, line those lips, and experiment with colors in a way that is totally too much for everyday life. It’s your chance to go from girl-next-door to drop-dead-gorgeous, just like in the movies (except you were probably gorgeous as the girl next door, but whatever, let’s just go with it for right now). If you’re a big fan of prom, then you fantasize about seeing your date’s face as he or she sees how amazing you look, and you picture yourself walking into the dance and watching everyone gasp. It’s a real fairytale moment in the making. This is exactly why prom makeup can be so important to many people attending

For me, getting ready for prom was almost more fun than the actual dance! The time I got to spend with my mom picking out my dress, the hours pouring over magazines with my friends trying to look for makeup inspiration, and the morning prep are all memories I cherish. I wasn’t romantically interested in my date, but I was romantically interested in the way I was looking that night! BAM. Because I didn’t wear much makeup in my day-to-day life, it was a little hard to adjust to the heavier look, but it ended up looking great.

Who doesn’t love a good transformation?! Here are some fun before and after makeup looks from girls getting ready for prom. They just might inspire you to try something new with your own beauty routine. Obviously these girls were all just as fabulous in the before photos, but sometimes it’s fun to see what makeup can do!

1. Is it just me or is airbrushing like IRL Photoshop?


2. From simple and gorgeous to makeup version simple and gorgeous!

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3. Who knew blue eyeshadow could look so good?

Makeup Transformation


4. Okay, really though, should I buy blue eyeshadow?


5. Red lipstick = instant glam.



6. Yasss, dude, slay!

My prom B&A and first post!


7. Ugh, cateyes. They are so wonderful.

A photo posted by Haley Kohler (@haley_teal) on


8. Look how happy she is! It’s adorable!

Finally got the guts to post my makeup from prom!


9. These eyes though…

My B&A of my prom makeup. I would never have been able to look or feel this good without the help of the lovely ladies of MUA! Product list in comments, CCW as always


10. This process is truly fascinating

Got my makeup done for Prom, super happy with the way it turned out! Thought I'd share it with all you lovelies:) (picture heavy)


11. This girl’s dress is honestly giving me life.

B&A and Inspo – My sister was too shy to go to a makeup counter, so I did my duty as a big sister and did it for her! 🙂


12. Again, red lipstick proves to be a game changer.

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13. Okay FINE, I’ll buy blue eyshadow!

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14. This makeup looks like a legit Instagram filter IRL.


15. False eyelashes are bae.

Payton is slaying this look right now happy prom!

A photo posted by Catherine Krahn (@ckmua_) on


16. Next time you go out, try silver eyeshadow.

Prom make up on @marissamoscuzza she told me she doesn't wear a lot of make up so she still wanted to look like herself. So I did a really natural application on her. She turned out beautiful!! Details posted below! EYES: @anastasiabeverlyhills eyeshadows "Cream and Carmel" @lauramercier loose mineral powder in shade Milky Way @makeupgeekcosmetics eyeshadows "Peach smoothie and creme Brûlée" @urbandecaycosmetics electric palette in shade "Revolt" @inglot_usa number 77 eyeliner LASHES: @lorealmakeup voluminous mascara FACE: @bhcosmetics liquid foundation in shade "Light Olive mixed with Light Rose" @lagirlcosmetics HD pro concealers in shades "Toast and Natural" @anastasiabeverlyhills original contour kit @beccacosmetics "Opal" highlight @rcmamakeup no color powder to set @maccosmetics "Peaches" blush

A photo posted by Yatxiri (@beautybyxiri) on

Which prom makeup before and after did you like the best? How are you doing your makeup for prom? Let me know in the comments below!

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