What Should You Buy Your Dad For Father’s Day? 20 Gifts He’ll Actually Love

For some reason, picking out a gift for your dad is exponentially harder than picking a gift for your mom. I love my dad and know him very well, but for some reason, I still always have an incredibly tough time trying to find the perfect present for him. But since Father’s Day is coming up (June 19th!), I have to start thinking about what I can buy him that he’ll love… and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as me.

There are tons of options out there, but there are some classics you just can’t really go wrong with. I mean, every man is not the same, so these won’t work for the entire male population, but I bet you’ll find at least one thing here your dad would appreciate and use. These are things he might not buy for himself, but that he definitely needs – even if he won’t admit it. A lot of dads tend to be low-maintenance, but even those dads will love these – and the high-maintenance dad will love these as well. You can’t go wrong! Here are 20 gift ideas your dad will want this Father’s Day. You’re welcome!

1. Hi-tech headphones


These Jaybird earbuds are a bit of a splurge, but they’re also amazing. If you’re looking for something more expensive, get these – and if you have siblings to put in money, even better! These are wireless earbuds that fit comfortably, store music, and come with all different size buds. They work amazing and are perfect for the dad who likes to exercise (or just listen to music).

Jaybird X2 Wireless Buds, $149.95, Jaybird


2. A grooming kit


It wouldn’t be a Father’s Day gift guide if it didn’t include a grooming kit, am I right? Of course I am. Yes, it’s cliche, but dudes can always use this kind of thing, even your dad. Tweezerman makes the best tweezers, and along those come a nail clipper, nail file, little scissors, and a nice case. It’s ideal for dads who travel a lot, but it really works for anyone.

Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Essential Grooming Kit, $23.45, Amazon  


3. Nice skincare products


You know how women are almost expected to spend a lot on skincare? Well, men aren’t, and I don’t get why. They want nice skin too! This Elemis moisturizer is made with men in mind, and has anti-aging properties as well as being hydrating. Sure, it’s a little pricey, but it’s your dad! He deserves it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men, $80, Elemis 


4. A personalized photo album


Chatbooks are small photo books of your Instagram pictures, and they’re the cutest things ever (I have three!). The Rad Dad Chatbook was created especially for Father’s Day. It gives you options to illustrate and customize your book just for your dad. This is a really adorable gift that’s also sentimental.

Rad Dad Chatbook, $8 for 30 pages, Chatbooks


5. Unique shaving cream


Caffeinated shaving cream? Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, it’s really cool. Caffeine is used in skincare products to give your skin energy, which can make it look brighter and smoother sometimes. This shaving cream isn’t a miracle worker, but it smells good and works well. Get your dad one of these or the set.

Caffeinated Shaving Cream, $7.99, Pacific Shaving Company


6. Men’s bath products 


I recently gave my dad, boyfriend, and brother a bunch of Marlowe products, and they’re obsessed. I was originally attracted to the simple but cool packaging, and then I loved the fact that these are more all-natural products for dudes. There’s a lot in the line to look at (moisturizer, face wash, body wash, etc.), but I think beard oil is always a nice gift option. Plus, these are so inexpensive!

Men’s Beard Oil, $12.99, Marlowe


7. A Keurig


This is another expensive option, but it’s great if you’re getting a gift with your siblings. The Keurig should be a household staple, and this top of the line version is the best. It makes a fast cup of coffee (and so much more, from hot chocolate to tea). Anyone would appreciate this amazing gift.

Keurig CoffeeMaker K575, $158.86, Amazon


8. Funny magnets


Maybe you’re like, “Uh, hi, I don’t have a job to spend that much money on a gift.” Okay, no worries: here’s a small gag gift that’s also really cute. Yes, it’s dog butt magnets, and yes, I’m serious. If your dad loves dogs, he’ll love these.

Dog Butt Magnets, $11, High Fashion Home


9. A cute mug


You really can’t go wrong with a mug if your dad is a big coffee drinker – everyone could always use another one. I love the mustache design on this one.

Father You’re The Best Mug, $16, Tuvalu Home


10. A mustache/beard kit


Dads have facial hair, and that facial hair needs to be taken care of. If your dad has a beard and a mustache, get him this little kit. With beard oil and balm, and mustache wax, it has everything… in awesome packaging!

Birchrose & Co Natural Mustache Kit, $30, Fab.com


11. Car-washing items


If your dad is a car guy, then he’ll appreciate products that help him wash his car. For real! Trinova makes awesome affordable products that look good and really work. Get him one thing or a few.

Trinova Wheel Cleaning Gel, $15.97, Trinova


12. A cool alarm clock


Why do you need an alarm clock when you have a phone, you ask? Your dad needs the Beddi because it’s amazing. It gives the weather, talks about traffic conditions, plays music, acts as a charging dock for his phone, and also looks really cool – among other things. It’s worth the money.

Beddi, $99, Witti Design


13. Moisturizer


Everyone always talks about how important moisturizer is for women, but it’s important for guys too. If that Elemis moisturizer was too expensive for you, get this Yes To moisturizer. It includes SPF, is very inexpensive, and smells great.

Yes To Men’s Face Moisturizer, $8.99, Target


14. A grown-up toy


No matter how old they get, guys still like to play around with toys. This nose and ear trimmer has to be the cutest thing ever. Get this if your dad has a good sense of humor.

Atomic Ear and Nose Trimmer, $20, Francesca’s


15. A sweet picture frame


You really can’t go wrong with a picture frame as a gift. Get a good photo of you and your dad and put it in for a more personal touch.

Great Dad Frame, $24, Francesca’s


16. An awesome bottle opener


You might not be able to buy your dad alcohol, but you can buy him alcohol accessories. This beer opener will look nice in the house, holds bottle caps, and works. It’s awesome!

Cathy’s Concepts Dad’s Brew House Wall Bottle Opener, $45, Nordstrom


17. Vouchers 


If you have absolutely no clue what to get your dad, get him this. It’s a cute gift and it always works.

Vouchers for Dad, $8, Francesca’s


18. Sunglasses


Summer is around the corner, so why not get your dad a new pair of sunglasses? These Topman sunglasses have a cool retro look and they’re super cheap.

Topman 48mm Matte Retro Sunglasses, $15, Nordstrom


19. A nice water bottle


Why should you buy your dad a water bottle? Because  a good one that keeps water cool and looks good isn’t always that easy to find. S’well makes amazing water bottles with a sleek, minimalistic design you didn’t know you needed. This is also great for summer days.

S’well Stone Collection Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $35-$35, Nordstrom


20. Cologne 


When all else fails, buy some cologne. Get your dad his favorite scent, or go for something new. Ralph Lauren makes a great option.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red, $66, Sephora

Which one of these gifts are you going to buy? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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