7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Vagina Can Do

If you spend enough time on Gurl, you’ll eventually come to realize that we stan pretty hard for vaginas on this here website. And not, like, in a totally sexual sense, either–it’s a capability-based fanhood. We talk about apps that your vag totally needs. Ways to take care of your vagina in the summer. We’ve even got a shopping guide of vagina-themed clothes and accessories, just in case you are into that kind of thing.

I’d argue that this stan-hood is with just cause, however, since vaginas are (obviously) really, really cool. Like, you probably know that your vagina can clean and lubricate itself and that every vagina is different.  But there are some other totally cool things that your vagina can do itself that I’ll wager you actually had no idea were even possible. Things like growing and lifting weights and even healing disease (really!). So, if you’re curious, check out these interesting things you had no idea your vagina could do:

Capture A Penis

Remember when Amy Schumer said that she can "catch a dick" whenever she wants? Well, "catching a dick" is, scientifically, not just a euphemism. It's not common, but vaginas can sometimes literally trap a penis during intercourse, if the pelvic muscles happen to clamp down with the right amount of severity. This is called, fittingly, "penis captivus." (And, obviously, this is not to imply that Ms. Schumer's vagina has ever done such a thing personally. Just saying that it *could* have, potentially.)

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Change Color

If you are the type to name your body parts, and your vagina hasn't gotten one yet, you might want to utilize any mood ring-based puns you've got in your repertoire. This is because, much like a mood ring, your vagina can actually change color. For example, if you're feeling aroused,  blood flows to your vagina and causes it to grow darker. It also changes in color (usually by getting lighter) as you age.

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Cure Disease

Well, your vagina itself can't cure illness. Not exactly. But something that comes from it can--there is a clinical trial underway that's using stem cells from menstrual blood as ways to potentially cure congestive heart failure. This is a clinical trial and doesn't have any proven results yet, so you can't run around saying that your period blood is a going to heal disease. You can, however, say that you hypothesize that your period blood is going to heal disease.

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Have An Orgasm From Exercising

Need some motivation to go to the gym? Well, according to a study done in 2014, it is possible to experience something called an "exercise-induced orgasm, which is usually caused from core-focused exercise like biking, spinning, lifting weights, and/or climbing poles or ropes. The thing is, while this sounds pretty great (who wouldn't want that extra boost of endorphins in the middle of spin class?), it's actually not so awesome--many of the women who experience these orgasms say they feel embarrassed about it, since they basically have no control over it.

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Grow (Like, A Lot)

Your vagina is capable of growing up to 200 percent its normal size during sex or childbirth. This happens when the blood cells in your vagina get dilated (usually when you're aroused) and causes something called "tenting," which basically just means that it's expanded. Like a tent, I guess. So, the more aroused you are, the bigger it will grow. (And, for the record, this doesn't mean that having lots of sex will automatically make your vagina permanently loose. It'll get back to its regular size after sex.)

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Get Stronger

A vagina is a mighty thing. It contains a lining of ring-shaped muscles that you can actually strengthen at your own will by doing pelvic floor exercises like Kegels. In fact, in 2009, one woman set a record for the heaviest weight lifted using a vagina by attaching a 30-pound weight to a wooden egg that her vagina could grasp. you don't have to do this, obviously. But maybe it's nice to know that you can?

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Have Lots Of Different Types Of Orgasms

Orgasms are much more complicated than you thought. While you probably know that you can have an orgasm from stimulating your clitoris, and from your G-spot (the erogenous zone inside your vagina), you probably didn't know that you can also come via your "A-spot" (like the G-spot, but deeper), "U-spot" (urethra), and perineum (the space between your vagina and anus). VAGINAS.

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Were you surprised by any of these facts? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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