11 Facts About Friendship That Will Depress And Comfort You

Friendship isn’t as “sexy” of a topic as love and romance, but aside from family, our friends have known us longer and often better than anyone else in our life (yes, including the people we bump uglies with). Our friends represent various stages of our life–the awkwardness of our emo phase, the time when we were obsessed with so-n-so for months on end. They’re there for us when we need a hug, a laugh, or a rant. They also, of course, have the ability to drive us absolutely crazy and make life messy. But whether a friendship is thriving or withering, long-lasting or a flash in the pan, they leave an unforgettable impression in our lives.

Even with the most difficult friendships, we have a tendency to paint friendship as inherently good. But while friendship in general is good, there’s are plenty of darker, more disappointing facts about friendship that we’d probably like to ignore, especially if they hit a little too close to home. From the good, to the bad, to the ugly, check out these 11 facts about friendship that’ll both depress and comfort you.

Half Of Your Friends Don't Consider You Their Friend

Want to feel bummed out? Then you'll love knowing that half of those people that you call a friend don't consider you their friend at all. So, maybe your worries about being in a lopsided friendship are actually really spot on. Yikes. Thanks a lot, science.

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Most Middle School Friendships Don't Last A School Year

Anyone who has been through middle school definitely knows this to be true: Many middle school friendships don't last an academic year. Just think about some of the people you were all buddy buddy with at the beginning of, say, seventh grade. Now, think about who you called your friends at the end of the year. Some people completely dropped off from your social circle, right? Right. This is a lot less common in high school and beyond.

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You Start Losing Friends By 25

By the time you turn 25-years-old, the number of friends in your life starts its downward spiral...for good. Research indicates that the drop off is even more severe for men. But, this might not be a bad thing because, after all, it's about quality, not quantity.


Men And Women Can't Be Friends (Allegedly)

According to research, men and women can't have totally platonic relationships. There has to be some level of sexual tension or attraction. Let's be real, a lot of friendships lead to crushes, hookups, and even relationships, but this study doesn't take into account plenty of factors, like sexual orientation. So, that's a "hmmm IDK" from me.

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You Lose Friends When You're In A Relationship

Friendship comes first...but then you're in a relationship, and you're texting your besties a lot less than you used to. Sadly, this is really common. For every relationship you lose at least two people who were in your inner circle. Yikes.


Opposites Don't Really Attract When It Comes To Lasting Friendships

They say opposites attract, right? Well, usually that refers to romance, not friendships. Researchers have determined that, when it comes to friendships--especially the ones forged in one's teens--differences end friendships rather than foster them. For example, a friendship between an unpopular person and a popular person, or a friendship between someone with straight A's and someone who is just struggling to get a passing grade. Welp...


People Don't Want To Befriend 'Sluts'

This is one of the weirder facts, but apparently promiscuous girls have less friends than people who aren't promiscuous. We can thank sexist double standards for that, because the same study indicated that this is far less common for promiscuous men.

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It's Not Weird To Have An Imaginary Friend As A Kid

Think you're a total weirdo for having an imaginary friend as a kid. No worries, you're not out of your mind. In fact, having an imaginary friend is a totally normal part of growing up. As somebody who didn't have an imaginary friend, maybe I'm the real weirdo.

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We're Less Popular Than Our Friends

Worried that your friend is cooler than you? Er, sorry to break it to you, but you're probably right. An examination of a phenomenon called the "friendship paradox" used social media as an example. The findings determined that regarding follower counts and interactions, many people were less popular than others in their immediate circle. Confusing? Very, but you can check out this article for more details.

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Being Friends With The Person You Work With Can Be Good...And Bad

Have a work buddy? Your friendship might help boost your productivity! That's nice and all, but the downside is that people who are close friends with the people they work with have a higher level of emotional stress.

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Friends Help Us Live Longer

Friends might stress us out and be at the center of drama filled group chats, but they're also great for our health! Friendship can fend off depression and people who report having strong friendships tend to live longer. So, yeah, cling on to those friends...they might delay death but a little bit.

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