10 Movies And TV Shows You’ll Relate To If You Hate Everyone At Your School

Here’s some advice, you can take it or you can leave it: Never trust somebody who says that high school will be the best years of your life. Look, there’s nothing wrong with looking back on some good times you had with your friends or your favorite hook up partner. It’s even fair to be proud of how good of a student you were, or how you really kicked ass in art class. But the idea of the peak of your life starting around 14 and ending around 18 is, frankly, pretty tragic. The idea of peaking in your teens should scare the crap out of you!  There’s so much life beyond adolescence, discoveries beyond puberty, experiences to experience! Besides, I know I’m not the only one who spent a large portion of my high school experience hating so many of the people around me.

Can you relate? I mean, there are some cool and harmless people scattered throughout the student body, but FFS… so many people in high school (not to mention middle school) are straight up terrible. I think most of us can agree that of all the things we’ll miss about being in high school, “the people” doesn’t make the cut. Thankfully, if you spend a fair chunk of your time really hating people at your school–the girls who love to body shame other students, the dudes who are so sexist it makes you want to scream, your peers who are so damn shallow and refuse to think outside of their close-minded little boxes, the teachers who do nothing but report dress code violations–then this is the post for you. Release some pent up frustration and watch these 10 movies and TV shows you’ll relate to if you hate everyone at your school. Grab some junk food and binge watch away.


If you haven't watched Daria yet, shame on you TBH. It's one of the best shows to really take a humorous look at the awfulness of high school--from the classmates, to the social hierarchy, to the school system. Back in the '90s when it aired, it was kind of revolutionary to have a young adult oriented show--let alone a cartoon--star a character with such a pessimistic point of view. Now, we cherish the realness, because Daria really did keep it real. Check it out, NOW.

Ghost World

I mean, any movie that has a scene of its main characters flipping off their high school and fellow students right after graduation deserves a spot on this roundup. Also, Ghost World is just a solid movie, especially if you're about to graduate soon.


There aren't enough dark teen movies out there, but if you want to delve into the genre, start with Heathers. It's all about cliques and identity...with a healthy dose morbidness. Sums up my brain in high school to a tee, TBH.

Mean Girls

This is the ultimate high school movie about people being terrible in high school. Literally every character is kind of terrible, but eventually realizes it. Sure, they're all way more accepting and understanding of each other in the end, which might put a damper on your "I HATE EVERYONE" rage...or inspire you? IDK, but here's another excuse to watch Mean Girls. As if you needed one.

My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life definitely emphasizes that high school really isn't as cool or magical as people make it out to be. From dudes giving out mixed signals, to violent bullying, to slut-shaming, this show has it all. While Angela, the main character, might not hate the entire student body, she's definitely disillusioned to the idea that teendom is as precious as her parents led her to believe.

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink definitely ends with a critique of letting designated social groups hold you back from relationships, but woof...this movie definitely gives us a good look at just how terrible high school girls and boys can be, no matter whether they're popular or not. Ultimately, the message goes a little something like this: Teenagers are terrible to each other.

Romy And Michele's High School Reunion

If you can relate to being a bit of a "loser" at high school, don't hesitate to look at elements of Romy and Michele with a bit of aspiration. Ultimately, it's a story about not letting high school haunt you and (eventually) having some much needed revenge on the people who treated you like crap. Who doesn't want to give their high school tormentor a piece of their mind?

The Craft

Who doesn't love to find comfort away from a student body that just doesn't understand them? The Craft is all about the power (and dangers) that come along with the tight bonds of outcasts.

10 Things I Hate About You

This fictional depiction of high school contained every type of high school student you could think of...and just reminded you of how annoying they are. Yes, the plot is bigger than, "Wow, everybody here really blows" but...let's be real, that's pretty much what at least 60 percent of this movie says.

Freaks And Geeks

Freaks And Geeks is a cult classic that should live in the heart of any high school outsider forever. It should also live in the heart of anybody who has good taste. It's nice to have a show that actually stars a bunch of weirdos making it through the high school zoo, as opposed to seeing it through the eyes of the ultra popular and ultra glamorous.

What other movies or TV shows fit this theme? What do you watch when you really hate the people around you? Tell us in the comments!

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