7 Real Girls Say If They Think Masturbation Is Actually An Addiction

If you haven’t already noticed, we happen to be pretty pro-masturbation here at Gurl. We’ve talked about different ways to do it. What happens when you do it. What will definitely not happen when you do it.

But is it possible to reach a point where you’re masturbating too much? That was the question on the Gurl boards last week–user digigurl asked, “I am very open about [masturbation], but when a friend asked me if it was an addiction I honestly wasn’t sure? I told her I thought I could stop any time, but every time I tried I failed. I mean there are worse things to be addicted to, but still I don’t like the idea of being addicted to anything. SO I was wondering how long you guys think you could go without doing it?”

It is true that “I can stop any time I want, I swear” is one of the favorite sayings of someone who very much would not actually be able to stop said activity any time they wanted.  But getting addicted to masturbation is actually pretty rare–as long as you’re not doing it at a rate that interferes with school, your social life, or causes you actual pain, you should be fine. Still, though, the answers to this question are, as always, interesting and illuminating. Check out what these real girls have to say about masturbating, and whether or not they think it’s an addiction:

Yes, It's An Addiction. And?

Carrie95 said: I'm addicted. I'm cool with that.

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A Good Addiction

shy.beth said: Never gone longer than 2 weeks. It wasn't good, I got very snappy and just wasn't nice to be around. I don't see it as an addiction more of a need. My body needs orgasms just like I need food and water and I need to masturbate just as I need to eat, sleep or go to the loo.

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Gotta Do It

Beth Annr said: I admit I'm so addicted as I must masterbate [sic] at least once a day if not two or three times daily. The longest I have gone without pleasure is two days and was grumpy and irritable the whole two day.

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Something Your Body Needs

alegnatm said: I don't think it's an "addiction" since we are sexual beings and our bodies are meant to have orgasms, we aren't meant to do drugs or whatever other things people get addicted to. My boyfriend and I have sex a few times a week and on the days we don't I usually masturbate at some point.

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Why Stop?

Bluechild said:  I think we can get addicted to masturbation because of the chemicals our body produce when we orgasm? dunno lol but I don't think it's bad at all as long as it doesn't intefere with your daily life. Have I ever tried to stop? hell no! lol why should I stop doing something that makes me happy 😀

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Seriously, It's Fine

vballgrl said: As long as you're not skipping school work or whatever to do it, i don't think it's an addiction. I'd say my longest "dry" spell was 3 weeks.

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Call It A Hobby

Cheyunder269 said: For me, it's not an addiction but i am pretty much inlove with it lol it's more of a personal thing for me, i mean even if i have sex and have the best orgasm(s) ever, i sometime still have an urge to masturbate after. Not exact sure why but it make me feel comfortable. 🙂 And the long time i've ever gone without masturbating is about a week, and i hated it.

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