16 Embarrassingly Passive Aggressive Petty Things We All Do

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a very petty person. I know it’s immature, passive-aggressive, and ultimately a little self-destructive, but I can’t help it – sometimes I get angry, and that anger turns into acting petty. And hey, I try to be a mature, level-headed person for the most part, so…  I can’t be perfect, okay?! Anyway, I am not alone. Here is an actual photo of me and another Gurl writer being petty AF:

But anyway. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “acting petty,” it basically means acting spiteful towards someone – doing something mean or hurtful just to do it, even if it hurts you too. It can also mean taking something small and blowing it out of proportion. Mix this with a passive aggressive streak, and you’ve got some embarrassing behaviors that you don’t really want to admit to anyone but people who are just like you.

I’ve done some seriously passive aggressive/petty things in my life. Some of them I really regret (like one time when the guy I was almost officially dating made me angry so I made out with his best friend) and some I don’t regret at all (unfriending an old best friend who turned into a horrible person). We’ve all gotten caught up in our emotions and ended up doing things that are not the most mature or adult. It’s not that big of a deal, okay? Here are 16 embarrassingly passive aggressive petty things we’ve all done… or at least most of us.

1. Sub-tweeting or sub-Facebooking.


We’ve all been there: you get angry about something too small to fight about, so you *subtly* tweet about it instead, knowing the person you’re mad at will see it and know it’s about them, but no one will ever talk about it. It is SO stupid, but it happens so often.


2. Posting a picture on Instagram JUST to make someone angry.


You know what I mean! You get annoyed at your friends, so you hang out with another friend, post a pic, and hashtag it #besties. There is literally no point to this but pettiness.


3. Liking a photo on Instagram when you and the person who posted it knows you definitely don’t actually “like” it. glee

This is a confusing concept, but hear me out. Example: a friend posts a photo at a party you weren’t invited to. You “like” it, but you both know you don’t REALLY like it, you’re just doing that to show them you saw, and you aren’t happy. Sigh. Why?


4. Unfollowing someone on social media because you know it’ll piss them off.


It’s such a small thing, but also such a big thing, you know?


5. Hanging out with the person your bestie hates when you’re mad at her and want to make her angry.

eye raise

This is childish and silly and pits wars against people, but… you can’t be stopped when you’re at your pettiest.


6. Refusing to do something just to make someone else angry even when it’s hurting you too.


This helps exactly no one. But at least you’ve made your point, right?


7. Pulling a Regina George and telling someone you like something they own that you actually hate.


This is passive aggressive and horrible, but many of us have done it.


8. Flirting with your bae’s friend when he/she does something to annoy you and making sure they know about it.


Because it’s always a good idea to put your relationship at risk so they can see who’s really in charge here.


9. Giving someone the silent treatment and expecting them to figure out why on their own.


I’ve so done this. I get annoyed at someone, and instead of using energy to explain, I just ignore them.


10. Dropping someone  completely without ever having a confrontation.


They do something small that really pisses you off, and you’re like, “kay, bye.”


11. Being cut off when driving and then going out of your way to cut that person off.


But actually DON’T DO THIS. It’s so dangerous.


12. Smiling and being fake to someone when you both know you’re being fake.


“Oh hiiiii. How are youuu?”


13. Getting mad about something really small and giving that person an attitude just because.


You just can’t control your emotions! It’s not your fault!


14. Skipping out on a responsibility to teach someone a lesson even when it makes you look bad.

oh well

One time I got mad at a friend while doing a group project, so I just didn’t do my part. Not a great plan!


15. Getting revenge on someone by doing something really immature.


Revenge in and of itself is generally pretty petty, so doing something immature only makes it worse.


16. Doing something you don’t want to do just to prove someone wrong.


Can you just focus on yourself? No, not really.


Which of these passive aggressive petty things have you done? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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