24 Of The Funniest Caveman Spongebob Memes On The Internet

A few weeks ago, I was innocently scrolling through Tumblr at  one AM when I came across an image of Spongebob Squarepants with a weird mouth, looking combative and angry. I made a face and kept scrolling, but I guess I should have known in that moment that Caveman Spongebob would become the next *big* meme. The image of Spongebob as a caveman (AKA SpongeGar) is just weird enough to be funny, but also strangely relatable enough to be applied to situations we’ve all found ourselves in. And so, in case you haven’t already noticed, Caveman Spongebob has spent the last week taking over Twitter, Tumblr, and even Instagram.

What is Caveman Spongebob? Know Your Meme (which I learned about from our resident meme expert Sara Hendricks) has a long and oddly complicated history of the meme – it’s like, I never knew there was so much to know about memes – which is apparently also known as SpongeGar. SpongeGar appeared on Spongebob Squarepants years ago and is not new at all, but it’s new to the Internet meme culture, which is really all that matters.

Caveman Spongebob is basically an image of Spongebob looking alarmed, angry, and very defensive. It’s been used to describe people who are caught in vulnerable situations where they need to be on guard, or people who are in a frantic rush for something, or people who just realized something horrible, or… well, I mean, I could keep describing it, or I could just show you. I choose to show you. Here are 24 of the funniest Caveman Spongebob memes on the Internet:

1. When you realize your hangout sesh is not quite as casual as you imagined:


2. When you realize you need to be out the door but you’re not even close to ready:


3. When you didn’t do what you were supposed to do and you know you’re going to get in trouble:


4. When your mom is driving you crazy:


5. When you’re more of a night owl:


6. When you’re stranded:


7. When you’re already over it but no one else is:


8. When you’ve been outsmarted:



9. When someone yells at you:



10. When you’re in a huge rush:



11. You after waking up from a long night:



12. When you’re about to get in trouble:


13. When your plans are ruined:


14. When everyone is torturing you:


15. When what you wanted didn’t happen:


16. When you’re about to get caught being too vulnerable:


17. When your parents drive you crazy:


18. When you feel disoriented:


19. WHY


20. When you don’t know what to say in an awkward situation:


21. When you’re in a race:



22. When you’re feeling desperate:



23. Really, really desperate:



24. When you have no idea how you got where you were:

Lmao #cavemanspongebob

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Which one of these memes is your favorite? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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