10 Embarrassing Anal Sex Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Anal sex is still kind of a taboo subject, but we are sex positive modern girls! We don’t get hung up talking about things that a lot of couples do together. Anal sex can be a little complicated or feel strange, but thankfully GURL has a guide so you can learn more. It should definitely be something you discuss with your partner before you do it. (No one likes those kinds of surprises.) You also want to prepare ahead of time so that you and your partner can have the best experience and not scar each other for life.


Embarrassing occurrences are part of the territory when you’re talking about anal sex. Why? Because…well…POOP. Something to do with poop is bound to happen eventually, unless you are miraculously spic and span up there at all times. Another “embarrassing” thing that is common when you’re dealing with your butt is farting. Hopefully you’re with someone who you feel close to and who is mature enough to handle the situation. Usually, a guy or girl will be cool enough to just shrug it off. Embarrassing situations are only as bad as you make them to be.

To ease your anxieties about fooling around “downtown” (and help you know that it’s okay when stuff happens), here are some embarrassing moments that happened during anal sex as told by Reddit users:

Which anal sex story was the most embarrassing? Let me know in the comments below!

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