12 Simple, Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Bed Feel Luxurious

Your bed is your haven, your respite from the world, your recharging center. You deserve it to be as luxurious as possible. You can’t be as fabulous as you are and snooze on tattered sheets and a worn-out comforter from the ’80s! Just like the classic Princess and the Pea story, you should have the most perfect bed with nothing out of place (especially a pea under the mattress!). I’ve only recently been able to say, “Hey! I should have a great bed!” Before, it was the lowest on my list of priorities. However, having a great place to sleep not only makes you feel more rested in the morning, it also gives you confidence as a person. It sounds weird, but it’s true!

The point is, your bed should be special. There are studies that show that you shouldn’t even study or be on your computer on your bed. Even though it’s tempting to spend the day typing away while cozily in the covers, your bed should be only associated with rest and relaxation in order for you to get the most sleep. When you’re living in a small dorm (or hiding away in your room at home), that can be a difficult task, but try to keep homework at your desk or in the study room/library. Good habits make us happy!

Anyway, making your bed feel super glam doesn’t have to crazy expensive. There are a bunch of little things you can do, buy, or make that will create the best sleeping space possible. Here are some tips to take your bed from lousy to luxurious:

1. Add a super soft, fuzzy throw blanket.

Fuzzy throws are a must-have for your queenly bed. This luxurious throw from Urban Outfitters is like having a giant fur on your bed. You can buy this one, or you can find super cheap (and still soft!) options from Home Goods, Target, or Marshalls.

2. Hang some dreamy lights.

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You may not want to keep them on all through the night, but stringing some lights adds a feminine, fairytale quality to your bed. Urban Outfitters has some dreamy firefly lights.

3. Put a bench at the foot of your bed.

Adding a bench at the foot of your bed can add a touch of elegance and togetherness. You can set stuff on the bench instead of on your bed, which will keep your bed the sacred place it’s supposed to be. You can also sit on it to put on your shoes! You can DIY a bench, or you can find a cheap one and repurpose it.

4. Make your bed the right way.

If you really want your bed to feel queenly, master this sheet/duvet/pillow organization. It seems a bit complicated at first, but it will really make your bed look inviting.

5. Decorate with a floating shelf

Instead of just hanging pictures above your bed, place a shelf above your headboard. You can decorate said shelf with pictures you love, put candles there, or it can be the perfect spot to hang some of those dreamy lights.

6. Add lots of comfy throw pillows

Don’t be afraid to overboard with pillows! In the past, I’ve always just used the shams that came with my comforter. Once I put some thought into the throw pillows, though, I started to enjoy my bed that much more. Fuzzy, fluffy ones will make your bed even more comfy. You can find them anywhere and they don’t need to be expensive.

7. Get a fabric headboard

Even if you just have the metal frame, a headboard will make your bed feel like a bed. It gives a sense of completion to your bed and makes it less like an after-thought. Fabric headboards are more comfy to lean back on.

8. Hang a dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers add a nice touch to the bedroom and can keep away those pesky nightmares, too. You can buy them at Urban Outfitters, get a handmade one on Etsy, or even make your own.

9. Invest in nice sheets

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I know, I know. Buying sheets isn’t high on your list of “things you want to spend money on,” but it will make your sleep so much better. White is always a luxurious color for the bedroom, but grey colors can also lend to a restful vibe.

10. Hang a wall tapestry

A tapestry can transport your bed to any location. Beachside, in the mountains, outside in the stars… it will definitely change the mood of your bedroom. Tapestries are a great way to decorate when you’re living somewhere temporary like a dorm. Urban Outfitters has a great variety.

11. Hang some sheets over your bed.
Make your bed feel and look like a magical cocoon by hanging sheer sheets over it. You can drape some lights in them too (as long as they won’t start a fire!).


12. Make your own canopy bed.
Or go one step further and make your own canopy bed area. So cozy!

What do you do to make you love your bed? Let me know in the comments below!

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