9 Yahoo Answers Questions About Thin Penises

We write plenty of posts about the ridiculous misinformation that’s out there about vaginas and their surrounding area. Like, it’s ten level of ridiculous that folks think that the size and shape of one’s labia determines how often they’ve have penetrative sex. It’s also straight up sad that people think a penis has the power to stretch a vagina beyond repair. But while stereotypes and rumors about vaginas can be harmful and perpetuate misogynistic BS, there’s plenty of weird misinformation out there about penises, too. For example, porn and bad fan fiction has deluded many of us into thinking that an average penis is thick af with a length of at least eight inches. Ha, um, no. The average penis is about five inches long and, believe it or not, doesn’t have a thickness comparable to a water bottle. Even size isn’t everything, especially if somebody is just awful at sex. But penis curiosity doesn’t stop and end at massive monster dicks or–on the opposite side of the spectrum–micropenises. What about thin penises?

Yes, thin penises, sometimes referred to as “pencil dicks.” Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who have a lot of questions about thin penises, and they’ve relied on Yahoo Answers to answer them. Plenty are harmless, but some are just weird or unintentionally hilarious. Check out these nine out of control questions about thin penises that’ll either brighten your day or make you lose faith in humanity.



Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 2



2. Um, you can’t really change someone’s penis size in any real, permanent way so…you both are going to have to deal.

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 1



3. …Wot?

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 6


4. OMG…

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 3

fake gasp lisa bonet


5. A Twizzler? Come on…no way.

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 4


6. This is a lot.

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 8


7. That’s not how it works.

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 9

ron eating candy


8. Well…this is a new one.

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 7



9. I have so many questions…

Yahoo Answers Questions Thin Penis 5


Do you think that there are too many unfair expectations about penis size? Tell us in the comments!

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