11 Of The Coolest Things You Can Only Do When You’re Single

There is much to be said for the positive aspects of being in a relationship. You’ve got someone who’s always looking out for you, a guaranteed, no-stress date for school dances, and a person around to help you emulate those weird #relationshipgoals pictures (should you so desire).

So, yes–dating and relationships are great. But, you know what? Being in a relationship is fun, but there also happens to be a lot of great things about being single. In fact, there are some things that you can pretty much only do when you’re single that lots of people tend to forget about. Sure, relationships are great, but sometimes having the freedom to do whatever you want without worrying about how it will make someone else feel is even better. If you’re looking for a reason to feel good about your forever alone status, look no more. If you’re single, thinking about becoming single, or happily locked down but interested in learning about what the other side has to offer, check out these cool things that you can only do when you’re single:

1. Practice your flirting techniques on different people every day.


Hone your ability to wink and blow kisses and do that thing where you pretend to throw a lasso to catch a hottie! FLIRTING.


2. Download any dating app you want.


Tinder! Hinge! Bumble! Farmer’s Only! The world is your GD OYSTER.


3. Try out that friends with benefits situation you’ve always been meaning to try.


Yes, it’s probably going to end badly. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a shot!


4. Be totally ~spontaneous~


I mean, you can do this when you’re in a relationship too, I guess. But there’s no better time to be completely footloose and fancy free than when you are beholden to nobody.


5.  Hit up your old crushes.


Tyler Jones, the cutest boy in your third grade class, with whom you also totally shared a passionate glance during that one game of Red Rover? HE WILL BE YOURS.


6. Stay home for a whole weekend and binge on Grey’s Anatomy.


So many hot docs. No one else to answer to. This is about you.


7. Subtweet your ex.


I mean. Don’t be horrible, obviously. Don’t say anything I wouldn’t say! But you can make a vague allusion to that one thing your ex did that totally bothered you, and they will wonder about it until they die. Or “like” it out of malice. Either way, it’s a victory for you.


8. Actually take your friends up on their offer to wing woman you.


This is your time.


9. Always be in control of wherever you’re going out to eat.


Again: Your time, baby. Your day. No more “compromise” and “meeting in the middle” and going to a Southern/Asian BBQ fusion restaurant, because you wanted burgers and bae wanted Thai food.


10. Wear a shirt that says “single and ready to mingle.”



I have recently learned that there are lots of shirts that say this. Whether or not you actually want to wear a shirt that says this is irrelevant. The point is that you can, okay?

11. Devote all of your time to you and you alone.


Important!! While self-care is obviously vital at all stages of life, a lot of people tend to forget this when they’re dating someone. Take your increased alone time to focus on things that are important to you–read more, do yoga, learn how to cook, become enlightened. I don’t know. The point is just to do more things that make you happy.


What do you think are the perks of being single? Did I forget anything cool? Let us know in the comments!

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