10 Of The Worst Stereotypes About Girls On Their Period

There are lots of annoying things about getting your period, but one of the most annoying is the stereotypes that accompany menstruation. To be honest, everything I need to know about a person is how they treat someone once they find out that they’re on their period. Sure, some people might get a little bit more moody or emotional, but PMS isn’t the same for everyone. Personally, I’m pretty sure what I want while I’m on my period is what I want throughout the rest of the month, and all of my life in general: to be asked for nothing, eat whatever I want, and watch Netflix on my couch. Easy enough. I am a perfectly functioning human while on my period, however mildly uncomfortable I may be. .

I know that I lucked out. Having an easy period isn’t a luxury a lot of people have. There are legitimate problems and medical conditions that go with your period: PCOS, endometriosis, PMDD, or just plain awful cramps and migraines. Lack of access or the financial means to necessary to get period supplies is also real problem. But regardless of your situation, there are a whole slew of random, mostly exaggerated stereotypes about having your period that are just plain weird. The false belief that anyone with a uterus basically turns into a different person while they’re on their period is full-on sexist and just plain wrong. These 10 stereotypes in particular need to go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done.

We're Horrified By It

We dare not speak its name! We cower in its shadow and make up cute, fluffy names to describe a normal bodily function that's so weirdly stigmatized in order to cope with the fact that this grosses everyone out for some reason! Let me be clear: if you are a person who has their period, you've made peace with the fact that this is a thing that your body does, like sweating when you exercise or vomiting when you're sick. Having your period is no big deal if you know how to manage it well. It is not a unique, scary surprise every time we see blood on our underwear.

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We're Whiny And Needy

Ugh, I'm so sick of the belief that every girl is rendered completely helpless like a baby bird while she's on her period. According to some people, we need assistance from everyone around us and we completely forget how to be self sufficient because all of our brain power is being used to remember to change our tampon. How did this stereotype get this bad? Sure, some girls get a little bit needy, but no one becomes an infant again when they're menstruating, so maybe let's relax on this one a bit, shall we? Maybe that jar is too tight to open and we need help, but I'm pretty sure that jars are hard to open, in general, and don't suddenly suck more one week out of the month.

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We're Completely Illogical

If you menstruate, you can't be taken seriously because you're ruled by your uterus and all of your crazy hormones. We're illogical human beings blinded by estrogen for a full five to seven days and should not be trusted to drive, operate heavy machinery, or make large decisions. It's not as if being taken seriously or respected in general weren't already a huge enough issue, now sexists everywhere can scapegoat our reproductive parts and blame them for our loony behavior. Hell no. No one's brain has impeded functionality because of a very normal bodily function - that's ridiculous.

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It's So Painful We Can't Move

If you have endometriosis or PCOS, this may actually be the case. Seriously, if this is happening to you and you are unaware of any paritciular condition you may have, see your doctor because your period should never be this painful. So why do people think that everyone's period is so painful, we can't move up off the couch to get ourselves a snack? Periods are, of course, perfect exuses to be a little bit extra lazy, but nothing's so bad that we can't help ourselves. Cramps suck, but for the most part, if you've had your period for a long enough time, you've found your way around this discomfort and can make it work during your period.

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We Can't Be Active

Periods make you sedentary lumps of lazy, don't you know?! You can still run, swim, hike, spin, whatever you normally do even on your period. You might use a tampon geared for activity or a menstrual cup, but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying your regularly scheduled, busy, active life. People on their periods can do anything they can while they aren't menstruating. If you can feel your tampon slipping during dance class it may be a sign that you need to switch brands or that you have a heavier flow while active because you should be able to live your life as uninterrupted as you can.

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We Cry For No Reason

Yes, hormones are more present during your period, so that makes us more sensitive, but I'm pretty sure all sadness and emotions are valid, regardless of how much uterine lining is making its way out of our vaginas. If a commercial is sad, it's sad, and we're going to cry about it whether we're on our periods or not. Saying that we cry for "no reason" delegitimizes real feelings and gives everybody an excuse not to take our feelings seriously during one magical week out of every month. Furthermore, you'll always know when someone's not in to truly listening to you when they ask if you're on your period while you're opening up to them. So fun!

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We Rage Out Of Control

Our mood swings make us insufferable bitches! Everyone knows to steer clear of us raging period monsters for the whole week that we're menstruating. Um... how about no? Honestly, what's making us so mad is probably that everyone is treating us like we're moody toddlers instead of people with a larger cognitive ability. Yes, having blood and other reproductive tissue coming out of your vagina is weird and it sounds like something out of a horror movie, but we don't magically turn into Godzilla whlile it happens. If we're mad at you, it's probably because you're being an ass hole.

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We Binge Eat Everything In Sight

Oh, you mean a typical Tuesday? Okay, cravings might spike leading up to or during your period, but the stereotype of a slovenly sweats-clad girl curled up in her bed shoveling a whole pizza into her mouth needs to stop. Who doesn't love some good junk food? Better yet, who doesn't love when bae's really thoughtful and comes over with ice cream when you're on your period? It's the fact that we're all supposedly rendered mindless binge eating drones when we're on our periods that's particularly hurtful. Since when are we not in control of our bodies and what we choose to eat?

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We Hate Every Second Of Our Period

Or as I like to call the first day of my period: Not Mother's Day. Am I being weird, or is there so much good to your period? Does anyone else feel like a super model once it's over and that bloat passes? Are you also really happy to not be pregnant *and* have a healthy, functioning reproductive system? Periods suck, I get it. I don't know anyone who full on enjoys having their period, but it doesn't all have to be the worst thing in the world.

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We Free Bleed Everywhere

Unless you're actually free bleeding and not using something to catch or absorb your menstrual blood, there's a number of ways you can not get blood on everything you own. Namely, washing your hands and regularly changing your tampon. Having your period isn't like turning on a faucet where there's a constant, steady flow of blood coming out of our vaginas. Actually, we only bleed out a few ounces, in totality. Of course, accidents happen and they're horrifying when they do, but the stereotype of us staining everything red and contaminating everything we touch is a full on lie.

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Which one of these do you think is just a stereotype? Which one do you think is really true? Do you do anything weird on your period? Let us know in the comments!

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