14 People Get Real On What They Think About Sex On The First Date

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding sex on the first date. A large majority of people believe that if you have sex too soon with someone, there’s no future for the relationship. A more harsh statement thrown around all too often is that having sex right away makes you “slutty,” although that usually only applies to women. Some people say if someone tries to have sex right away, they’re using you and don’t actually have feelings for you. Much of the negativity surrounding sex before a committed relationship comes from gender-specific stigma that pinpoints the blame on females – that women should be the ones responsible for “waiting” until an appropriate time before getting intimate.

The thing is, no one else can tell you when you’re ready to be intimate with another person. For some people, the first date is a great time. For others, it may take months, years, or not until marriage. Regardless of societal expectations, the decision on when to make a physical connection is not black and white, and you won’t find the date circled on your calendar. Even guys don’t all agree on the issue! We asked 14 people for their opinions on hooking up right away. What do you think about sex on a first date?

It's More About The People Involved


If there’s an understanding between the two people then I think it’s acceptable. It’s a case by case basis, but if there’s an understanding that it’s just fun or whatever and both people are feeling it then I’d say yeah. That connection and that understanding has to be there.

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People Should Wait For A Real Connection


Personally, I’ve always looked at it as something that should be preserved for something where there’s actually a deeper connection there. To make sure that the other person is worth it—worth the physical or emotional effect that could happen. It’s something to wait for, and could help build the relationship later.

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As Long As There's No Pressure...


If there’s a connection I don’t see a problem with it. From the female perspective I feel perhaps men pressure them into doing this sometimes so they’re a scumbag — be wary of that. Otherwise, if it’s mutual, why not.

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It Doesn't Usually Mean Long Term


If it's consensual then whatever. I have different opinions if one pressures the other. I feel like if both people are on the same page then it's not an issue but sometimes I feel like when that happens it’s implied that it’s not long term. But I know plenty of people who are dating someone that had sex with "fast."

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It Means The Sex Doesn't Mean Anything


I’m not really a fan. I like at least the illusion of some kind of romance and courtship. I think if you just jump right into it then it’s just empty and it doesn’t mean anything.

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Only If There's No Future


I’d say it’s all about the vibe. I don’t fuck on the first date if I actually like the person. The chase makes the first time more fun. That said, if he’s hot but has a dud personality, I’ll go for it, because why not?

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Screw The Stigma


Why should women be the only ones to get a bad rep for sleeping with someone on the first date? If I'm sleeping with you on the first date, that means you're sleeping with me too. I think that stigma is a bit outdated. I mean for me personally I don’t think it's good to do on EVERY first date, but that's up to you. I have done it and don't feel bad about it.

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Not That Kind Of Guy


I don’t like it. I’m not the type of guy who does one night stands, so if a girl is just going to give it up immediately, it shows she might be.

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Do What You Want


I think banging on the first date has nothing to do with the success of the relationship. it's another weird stigma people created to make women feel bad about being sexual. FREE THE GENITALS. Do what you want with you body.

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Just Stay Safe


I don’t judge anyone who does that. That’s really all I have to say. Use condoms!

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Prepare For A Disappearing Act


You kind of grow out of that “prudeness” when you get older and realize life is different. I do think for young women though there is an element of if we do have sex it’s like “the big finish” and you don’t really talk to that person after. And that’s happened to me. It’s almost like we don’t have anything else to talk about after that.

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Get Caught Up In The Moment


I think it’s fine. If both people want to, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If it’s somebody you want to date, it might not be the smartest move. But in the moment...it probably wouldn’t stop me from doing it.

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I’m open to it. Done it before. I think it’s a lot, but you know what? It’s fine.

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Go For It


I think if you’re feeling it, go for it! But before you do, be aware of all the possible results and be okay with them.

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What do you think about sex on the first date? Have you done it? Would you? Share in the comments!


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