18 Things Only True Best Friends Are Honest With Each Other About

Many of us have a best friend, or a group of best friends, who we rely on for everything and turn to when we need to laugh, cry, talk, or act stupid around someone. Whether it’s a family member like a sister or cousin, a friend you’ve known since you were a kid, or your significant other, your bestie should be someone you can totally be yourself around. There are lots of different ways to tell if you’re very close with someone or not, but one of the biggest tests is how often you guys can tell each other the truth, even if it’s a harsh truth. Only true best friends are honest with each other about certain things – and if you and your BFF aren’t, then maybe you need some bonding time.

I have a group of best friends I’ve known for almost 15 years now (that sounds CRAZY). I love them to death even when we’re all annoying each other. The best thing about our group is that, despite the little bits of drama that hang around any friend group, we’re all pretty honest with each other. We can tell one another when we don’t like what the other person is wearing, or when they’re acting way too intense. We can say “I don’t want to go out because I’m tired” rather than coming up with an excuse. This level of comfort comes with the amount of time we’ve been so close, but it also comes from the fact that we trust each other and know we’ll always be there for each other, even if we’re in the middle of a slightly rough patch.

So, are you and your bestie being real enough together? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by checking the below off the list. These are 18 things only true best friends are honest with each other about, because if you said these to anyone else, it might be an issue.


1. When you’re dating someone who sucks.

note cute

Only your best friend can tell you that your S.O. is acting like a jerk, or that the person you’ve been hooking up with is a loser and is never going to seriously date you. This doesn’t mean you won’t get mad AF about it, but in the end, you’ll appreciate the effort.


2. When they see your bae flirting with someone else.


I know girls who catch their friend’s S.O.’s flirting or even cheating, and don’t say anything to the friend. They’re afraid of being the messenger, getting in the middle, and making things weird. That’s not a true BFF. True besties tell each other the truth even when it’s super hard.


3. When you’re being way too dramatic about a fight with someone.

you need to cool it

Sometimes we get a little out of control and act too dramatic. It’s fine, it happens to the best of us. But in those times, we need our best friends to be like, “hi, you’re acting crazy, chill.”


4. When your outfit isn’t working.


Your bestie will tell you when you look adorable, they’ll applaud you when you look hot, and they’ll bring you down a notch when your outfit just isn’t working. Hey, it doesn’t hurt as much when they say it.


5. When you’re not acting like a great friend. 


Your best friend will tell you when you need to get your act together with her, in a joking way or in a serious way. My sister and her best friend are ridiculously close, and they’re constantly telling each other when the other sucks. It actually makes their friendship stronger, if that makes sense.


6. When you’re being a little too obsessive about your crush.


Hey, we all need to be brought back down to reality once in a while.


7. When you have to stop Internet stalking.


Once, I was stalking an ex REAL hard. One of my BFFs sat by and let me do it for a while, until one day she said, “That’s ENOUGH you’re getting out of control” and made me stop. At first, I was offended, but then I realized she was right. Besties!


8. When you’re annoying them.


You can’t really be besties until one of you tells the other one how annoying they’re acting.


9. When they have to poop.


How are you even close friends if you can’t discuss bowel movements?


10. When they know you’re lying.


What good is a best friend if they don’t have the guts to call you out when you’re not being real with them?


11. When your family is acting crazy.

negative energy

We’re all super defensive of our families. You can make fun of your sister for days, but if anyone else does it… watch out. Well, except for your bestie. BFFs can be honest with this stuff (to an extent).


12. When you need to get yourself together.

get your life

Half of the point of having a best friend is so that you have someone who can pick you up when you’re down! Even if it’s just them demanding you to chill.


13. When you’re in the wrong.

youre wrong

Real soulmates can tell their friend when she’s wrong. “Yes” people aren’t your besties.


14. When they get period blood on your clothes or bed.

so sorry

If a friend sleeps over and leaks onto your sheets, she’ll probably try to act like it didn’t happen. A best friend will be like, “OMG LOOK AT THIS BLOOD I’M SORRY.”


15. When your other friend is annoying AF.

so annoying

You know you’ve got a true BFF when she can be real with you about how your other friends make her feel.


16. When they hear someone talking about you.


Okay, honestly, if a friend doesn’t tell you when someone close to you is talking sh*t, they are a pretty bad friend.


17. When you have a pimple you didn’t notice.

mean gif

And when you have bad breath. Or if you need deodorant. Or if your hair looks greasy. Basically, they’ll tell you to fix your appearance.


18. When they really don’t want to go out for no reason at all.


A friend will text you a list of lame excuses when they want to cancel plans. A best friend will be like, “Hi, I’m tired.”

Which of these do you disagree with? Do you have a true BFF? Let me know in the comments.

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