18 Hilarious Posts About Having Bags Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under your eyes immediately give away the fact that you’re tired, stressed, or dehydrated… or maybe all three. You can try to cover them up with concealer, but they’ll find a way to pop through. They always do. If you don’t attempt to put makeup on them, someone will definitely stop you during the day and say, “You look tired.” You’ll laugh and say, “I am,” but you’ll die a little bit inside. People go to great lengths to conceal their under-eye bags. They’ll cover them with an orange lipstick to color correct, they’ll apply makeup throughout the day, and they’ll even wear sunglasses inside so no one will see. Dark circles plague us all. But like… why? We’re human, and dark circles are just there. What’s the big deal?

I’ve had dark circles my entire life. Both of my parents have them and all of my siblings do, too. People will always point them out to me like it’s my fault or something that I can control. I CAN’T. Even if I get twelve hours of sleep, I’ll still have those dark circles under my eyes. It’s hereditary. (I’m sure I could minimize them by drinking more water and eating a healthier diet, but, alas, I don’t usually do that.) I’m always looking for the latest cream, hoping that it will finally cure my dark circle curse! Ideally, I would learn to stop caring about them, and I’m sure someday I will. But right now is not that day!

If you, too, struggle with under eye circles, you’ll love these posts about the bags under your eyes. Enjoy!

1. You’re always like, “ugh where did these come from” but also you do stuff like this.


2. You know they’re there so you embrace them and make them into a joke.


3. At least they make for good Twitter humor!


4. When you start to just say “eff it”


5. And then you do stuff like this.



6. Sometimes they’re hereditary.


7. You don’t know what it’s like to live without them.



8. Like really, does anyone manage to hide them?



9. Because doing so is no joke.


10. You could try this:



11. Maybe this is the solution:



12. You wear glasses for this reason only:



13. You make this mistake every day:


14. You try to turn them into something sexy.



15. And fancy.



16. When people ask you why you have dark circles, you want to reply like this:


17. They’re ready to go.


18. Sometimes you feel like this:



Do you have dark circles under you eyes? Why do you have them? Let me know in the comments below!

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