10 Gross Facts About Oral Sex You Never Knew

There are more slang words for oral sex than I can count on one hand: giving head, eating out, going down, munching carpet, sucking off, giving dome…the list could go on. Oral sex is like the popular kid who has a different nickname in each circle of friends. Though it can be confusing – for guys going down on girls and for girls giving blow jobs – when you work with your partner to figure out what you like, oral sex can be an extremely pleasurable experience for both people. But how much you do really know about it? Do you just know what it is, or do you know actual facts about it?

The truth is, even sexual pleasure with no chance of getting pregnant has a downside. In the case of oral sex, that’s all the gross stuff you don’t usually think about when you’re in the throes of passion… either because you’re very distracted or because you simply don’t want to think about it. Sex in general can be pretty messy. There are weird noises and sticky body fluids all over the place, not to mention the fact that two sweaty bodies are rubbing all over each other (sounds weird when you put it like that, huh?). Oral sex has it’s own unique grossness; after all, you’re putting your mouth on something where urine comes from. Sorry. Try not to think about these things the next time you head downtown with your partner, but here are some gross facts about oral sex you should know:

Food Changes The Taste

What someone eats has an effect on the taste of their ejaculate. If you're going to swallow - and it's totally up to you if you're down for that - know that eating fruit can make cum taste sweet, and dairy products and meat can make it funky. This doesn't mean you should steer bae towards a banana instead of a steak right before oral... food doesn't have magical effects. It's more of an overall diet issue.

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Oral Sex Isn't Always Safe Sex

You probably think condoms are only necessary for sexual intercourse, but STIs can be transmitted through oral sex, too. If you or your partner is positive, precaution should be taken. STIs can be contracted in your mouth and on your genitals from oral sex.

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Humans Are Not Alone

Weird and creepy more than gross, but people aren't the only species who partake in oral pleasure. Female bats perform fellatio on their male partners to actually make intercourse last longer. Plot twist!

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A Woman's Ejaculate Might Be Pee

If you're going down on a girl who claims to be a squirter, be warned: studies have shown that excessive liquid ejaculated by a female upon orgasm is actually pee. This is pretty controversial, since a lot of girls say it isn't pee at all, but we're just the messenger!

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It Can Give You Cancer

Oral sex can give you throat cancer. Seriously. The act itself is not responsible, of course, but HPV can be contracted through oral sex, and the human papillomavirus can cause cancer. If transmitted to a person's throat during oral sex, this can lead to throat cancer.

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Oral Can Make You Choke

Less gross, more uncomfortable side effect. Gagging while giving head is a common occurrence thanks to the life saving mechanism called your gag reflex. There are ways to relax your gag reflex, but the easiest way to avoid it is to keep the penis away from the back of your throat.

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Semen Has Calories

Yes, it's true. Semen has calories. Fortunately, at just five to 25 calories a pop, swallowing won't ruin your diet. If you're on one.

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Hair Down There Can Be Unsanitary

Humans are hairy. That's a fact. Throughout your oral sex experiences, you might run into some people who are hairier than others. You might end up with a pubic hair in your mouth. Cheers! This is fine as long as the person you're hooking up with cleans themselves regularly.

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There's Bacteria Down There

Along with being hairy, people are also sweaty. Since we live in a society that requires clothing, our nether regions don't get a lot of air circulation for sweat to dry and evaporate, so it can be a sweatier area than most of the body - smellier, too. If that isn't appealing enough, bacteria and yeast also grow down there. Yum!

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Oral Hygiene Should Be Part Of Oral Sex

Your private parts aren't the only areas with bacteria. Even hygienic people have 1,000 to 100,000 living on each tooth. Try not to think about that the next time someone's head is between your legs.

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Which of these oral sex facts did you know already? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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