18 Funny Graduation Hats You Would Actually Want To Wear

I’ve got to say, I’m really jealous that ornate graduation cap decorating wasn’t really that big of a thing when I graduated college. And even if I wanted to decorate my hat in high school, I wouldn’t have been able to because we had to give our caps back! But despite my jealousy, I’m a sucker for these funny af caps. I know, I know, this is probably the zillionth graduation cap roundup that you’ve seen, but there’s nothing wrong with checking out a zillion and one of ’em. Memes get old pretty quickly, but the seasonal funny graduation caps are a gift that just keeps giving. Not only do they make me regret not decorating my own graduation cap with some cynical “I’M A BROKE STUDENT HALP” quote, they also act as a reminder that even the most disillusioned young adults are sincerely funny as hell. Yes, even one of the scariest transitional moments can have a little humor thrown in..

From student loan woes to funny pop culture references, here they are, another 18 funny graduation caps you’d actually want to wear. You’re welcome.

1. Hotline Bling might be played out, but this cap still rules.



3. OMG…


4. Tina knows what’s up.

5. I mean, same.  Same.

6. TBH Spongebob is very applicable to post-grad angst.

7. Also, it’s just a great source of graduation cap humor because everybody understands the reference.

8. Like “Bye, Felicia” but better.


10. *Looks at my bank account and sobs*

11. Crying Jordan = every recent grad.

12. Okay, but seriously, we all love good loans humor because it’s nice to get some humor out of misery.

13. Misery loves company!

14. Will we ever figure out who “they” is?

15. Yes, actually.

16. For the Harry Potter nerds…



17. This is always going to be cute, IDC…


18. Left Shark forever, TBH.


Which of these could you see yourself rocking at graduation? Wha other funny graduation hats have you seen? Tell us in the comments!

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