15 Weird Things We All Do To Make Our Crush Jealous

Having a crush is complicated, and the mix of strong emotions can lead to us doing some pretty embarrassing things. This includes excessive Facebook stalking, showing up at places you know they’ll be in a “casual” way, and doing weird stuff to make them jealous. Because making your crush feel like you’re so desirable that someone else might snatch you up if they don’t works, right? Right?!

Uh, wrong. Okay… wrong sometimes. Once in a while, making someone feel envious really does work. It might inspire them to talk to you, or to a make a stronger move so that they can “win” you. But at the end of the day, going out of your way to make your crush jealous is just playing a stupid game. It’s manipulative and exhausting, and it can backfire so easily. Sure, some people who are really competitive might take it as a challenge, but others will see you flirting with someone else and figure you aren’t interested in them. No one wants that!

Regardless of that fact, we’ve all been guilty of doing this stuff. When we’re feeling desperate to grab our crush’s attention, we’ll do pretty much anything… sometimes. This stuff you do to make your crush jealous is so extra and needs to stop, but at least you know you’re not alone! Hey, when you’re thirsty, you’re thirsty, you know?

1) Looking hot af when you know you’re going to see them.

Oh, this old thing (that I spent hours picking out and trying on in different combinations with other pieces)? Looking bomb when you know you’re about to run into them is classic and it WORKS and it FEELS GREAT. Okay, this one really isn’t that weird or bad.


2) Ignoring them at parties so you look like you don’t even care that much. 

“OMG, I didn’t know you’d be here. What a surprise!” If you’re trying to play hard to get and also make them feel jealous, you might go out of your way to ignore your crush in a public place, so that you look too cool and busy and happy to notice them. This can easily go the wrong way and make them think you’re rude, which is the opposite of what you want.


3) Dancing a little extra sexy if you know he’s watching.

Especially if it’s with another guy.


4) Flirting with everyone but him.

He’s going to watch everyone become entranced with your vivacious personality and then get… nothing, or at least not as much. That’s got to suck.


5) Being physically affectionate with other guys.

Even if they’re platonic! It doesn’t matter! I brought a guy bff to an event I knew my ex was going to be at for the sole purpose of him watching another guy be physically affectionate with me. Works like a charm… doesn’t make it right, but still.


6) Mentioning other guys in front of him.

They don’t even have to be real! You can’t see Captain America: Civil War with your crush because Ryan took you to that movie… which is somehow a fact that he needed to know. Even if Ryan is your cousin.


7) Making out with other dudes in front of him.

Okay, a little counterproductive here, but it’s happened to everyone.


8) Asking him for relationship advice.

Classic. You have a very active and sometimes tumultuous love life and you need a sounding board for these exaggerated very real issues.


9) Loudly laughing at another guy’s joke.

Want to make a guy feel emasculated? Find another guy hilarious. Especially if you know humor is a big thing for your crush, this could feel like a really bad burn.


10) Subtweeting and vague-booking.

That lyric was innocuous and harmless, but you paired it with a gif that’s basically an inside joke between you two and now no one knows what to think about anything.


11) Complimenting other dudes.

Especially on social media! We all get those notifications, especially if they’re mutual friends.


12) Snapchatting the hell out of your night out.

Who cares if it’s a girl’s night? That selfie with that hot stranger you just made friends with? Going on Insta and Snapchat with some vague emojis.


13) Making him wait on a text message.

You saw that text, but you can’t immediately send one back because you’re a busy person with a fulfilling life and have so many more important things to be invested in than his feelings. And you absolutely cannot respond in less time than it took him to respond or else you look desperate.


14) Pretending you’re too busy to hang out.

LOL. Lies.


15) Having a male BFF he doesn’t know anything about.

Met him at work? Another school? So perfect. You want your crush to think something might happen with this guy even if nothing would ever happen.

Have you ever done any of this stuff to make your crush jealous? What did we forget? Let me know in the comments.

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