7 Last Minute Things You NEED To Do Before The Last Day Of School

June is next week! This means that, for most of you, the last day of school is upon you. You’re either coasting until that final bell, or you’re in full freak out mode thanks to essays and finals. But no matter what your state of mind is as the summer vacation countdown ticks away, you still have some business to take care of before the school year ends, and it’s not on your syllabus. School isn’t all about grades and making your teachers happy, after all. There are some things you absolutely need to do before the school year ends that you’re most likely not even thinking about.

It’s never too late to conquer your fears, make a good impression, or, yes,  try to improve your crappy grade in that one class that has been destroying your life all semester. Check out these seven last minute things you need to do before the last day of school and get your life together. You’ll feel much better about going into a relaxing, uninterrupted summer if you get this stuff done… trust me.

Suck Up To Some Teachers You Know You'll Have Next Year

Listen, there's nothing wrong with being a bit of a sucking up if it gets you some respect from a teacher. Know who you're getting for English next year? Pop into their office and introduce yourself! You'll look mature as hell and you'll give off a good impression. Who knows, this might be a teacher you'll want writing up a letter of rec when you apply to college, so make that first impression count.


Check Your Grades

It's never been easier to check your GPA, especially since your school might have your grades available online. Yo, give 'em a look over, especially if you've been trying to avoid it (anxiety sucks, I know). You might be pleasantly surprised, or thrown for a major loop. Better safe than sorry.


Do Some Last Minute Extra Credit

So, is there a class (or two) that's really effing up your GPA? It's time to grovel. Ask your teacher if there's an extra credit opportunity available, but ask in private, not during class (this question might cause some in-class drama and dissuade your teacher from doing any extra credit at all). Reaching out will show some initiative and make your teacher aware that you know you've screwed up and you want to do whatever you can to end the year on better footing.

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Find A Way To Talk To Somebody You've Been Dying To Talk To

Have a crush that you just haven't been able to get close to? Listen, you don't have to, like, declare your love as some kind of last hurrah. If you guys are at least a little friendly, the easiest way to strike up a convo is to ask them to sign your yearbook. Otherwise, come up with something out of your butt that you can both talk about, like complaining about finals or how lame this year's senior prank was. This can work when it comes to somebody who isn't your crush, too. What about that friend you had a falling out with? Or your ex that you just want some closure with. Just get it over with so you're not mulling about it all summer.


Have One Last Lunch With Your Entire Crew

One friend goes to their LGBTQ club every Tuesday at lunch. Another usually eats lunch with bae these days. Another has been eating lunch in the art classroom, trying to finish up their project. One friend eats off campus while another always eats on. We all have lunches that are all over the place, but why not get the gang back together for one last lunch before the school year ends. You honestly might not seeing half of them all summer, so take the time to do enough catch up before you're all together again. Pig out, sign year books, gossip...you know the drill.

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Get A Gift For That Teacher You Actually Like

There has to be one teacher at your school who you actually like and is actually, you know, a good teacher, right? Show 'em some love with a gift. You don't have to get anything expensive. Does your teacher drink a lot of coffee or tea? Give them a mug? Want a gift for an English or history teacher? Give them a book that has a lot of good reviews. Art teacher? An art book or art tools are always thoughtful. If you have no idea what your fave teacher will want, a gift card to a nearby coffee shop or some chocolates/baked goods would be sweet (no pun intended).


Clean Out Your Locker, F'real

Unless you're able to leave your locker a total mess, it's so annoying to clean out your locker on the last day and lug all your crap home when you could just, you know, bounce. As the year winds down, take something home or throw something out each day. That library book you still haven't returned? Just do it already. Maybe sell some books if you have to. Just clean that thing out!


What other things do you try to get done before the school year is over? Tell us in the comments!

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