9 Real Girls Tell Us What They Thought The First Time They Saw A Penis

When I was in high school, my friends and I spent most of our time talking about how scary it would be, probably, the first time we saw a penis. I mean, we did other things, too–took the SATs. Went to class. Stood by our lockers. You know, normal high school stuff. But the first-time penis dichotomy was always something that we’d come back to–none of us were actually seeing any penises at the time, so, it was an entertaining topic to think about. (It should perhaps be noted that many of us did not actually see a penis “in the flesh,” so to speak, until well after high school. But perhaps you guessed that using context clues alone.)

It’s not actually an uncommon thing to wonder about, though, since your first time seeing a penis can be a little…unsettling.  On the gurl boards, user someoneicanneverbe  said, “I’m a virgin, but the first time I felt a penis I was like “O_o. Holy ****, that’s a lot bigger than a tampon.” Lol 🙂 What did you think your first time feeling/seeing a penis in real life? Story time! :D” Story time, indeed. Check out what these real girls thought the first time they saw a penis:

A Scientific Approach

HerHaloFlickers said: Ugh, my idiot friend showed me a porn site. I think I was about 12. I just remember being so confused at how it was moving around. "They can control those things? O.o"In person...I don't remember much. I remember being treating it like a learning experience, I was studying it rather than playing with it.

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Accidental Discovery

ChaosKristy said: I was like 6 when I first saw one, I was surfing the web and heard about Disney.com on TV. Apparently I mispelled it and it took me to a porn website, I yelled "MOMMY! I FOUND THESE THINGS!!!" My mom almost had a heart attack when she saw XDWhen I first felt a penis, my reaction was "Oh my god oh my god I'm touching a penis oh my god oh my god oh my god."

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young_n_iin_love  said: I don't remember the first time I saw one. I was probably really young.When I first felt one, I was like omg this thing is hard... Omg this thing is warm .... Ohhhh myyyy goshh.. Lol

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Find The Humor In It

uber.katt said: The first time I saw one was probably when I was really young, I had a lot of boy cousins like Victoria a couple posts above... The first time I felt one, though, I was with my bf (ex, now, and it's complicated) and he was like... 'Just touch it. You're not gonna hurt me, don't be stupid. No, you actually can't do it wrong. I know you know the general idea. Just wing it. ...Stop laughing.' And then I realised there's a #### pulse (what did I expect, I ask myself now?) and went, 'ohmygod a pulse' and freaked out. And he got to laugh at me so, even. And neither of us were in the mood for it any more so we played Guitar Hero instead. ^-^ Good times.

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Penis Terror

Izzy_ I said: screamed, and ran out of my bedroom. Seriously. Hahaha. I'm definitely not afraid of them anymore, that's for sure.

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Pretend It Isn't There

OOvictoriaOO said: i saw them alll the time when i was young (i had lots of boy cousins and i was a tomboy), but the first time i saw when and it actually meant something to me was in my freshman year and this guy just whipped it out during a class we had together. i freaked the hell out, naturally. the first time i touched one was with my boyfriend, and we were making out and it was sticking out the bottom of his boxers. it was purely an accident and i was mortified, and silently praying that he wouldn't say anything about it hahaha.

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Be Prepared

corruptedxx said: First time I saw a penis, I was surfing porn, lol. So I was pretty interested and turned on, after a while. First time I felt one, I was giving a handjob. It went well, lol. It was in middle school, he was my boyfriend of like, 4 months or so at the time. It was in a movie theater, ahaha =P. He was turned on and it wasn't like, awkward, or anything, which I'm grateful for. Because I understand some people have some mortifying/awkward stories. Anyways, my first experience was pretty fun. I liked that he was responding positively to the way I was touching him, lol.

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State The Obvious

Stars.olives said: The first time I saw a penis in a sexual situation (right before I was going to have sex for the first time. We skipped oral and naked manual stuff, lol). I didn't really think anything of it. I knew I was going to see one. The only thing I remember thinking was, "Guess he's circumcised," and 'a lot bigger than a tampon' ! And true.

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A Question Of Logistics

xxlaurenx33 said: "...That's supposed to fit WHERE?!"

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